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  • The photo from the ofrenda which Miguel brought with him depicting Mama Imelda and Coco remains dry without further damage after he gets wet twice (slipping into the guitar shaped pool and tossed into a pool inside a cave).
  • The Riveras are strictly anti-music, except for Miguel, who has been playing his guitar in secret. He is shown to have been studying old movies starring the famed mariachi musician Ernesto de la Cruz to get his technique down. Is it possible for a child to gain that level of proficiency on the guitar simply by watching movies that undoubtedly contain many cutaways and close-ups? It is highly unlikely (even impossible) that he would have worked with a music teacher or spoken at length with other musicians about chords, strum patterns and fingering techniques, and we do not see any tabs or music books in the secret area where he keeps his guitar, as well as various assorted de la Cruz memorabilia.
  • When Pepita is walking towards Ernesto, her bottom left paw goes through her front left one.
  • When Miguel brings his sharpie to paint the golden tooth in his handmade guitar, the detail is already painted, and even if he did it again on purpose, the second "coating" doesn't change the color or fix any flaws the first one might've had.
  • When the family's ofrenda is seen towards the beginning of the movie there are photographs of 6 family members on the bottom shelf. Miguel's grandmother is seen picking up one of these photos. Yet they are never mentioned by name and never appear in the land of the dead.
  • When Miguel's abuelita catches him in the plaza with the Mariachi, Miguel pushes the guitar back. The Mariachi puts his hands up to keep his sombrero on and between shots, the guitar flips over in his lap. In one shot, the neck is on the Mariachi's right hand--the position Miguel, facing opposite, was holding it in--and in the next, the neck is on the Mariachi's left hand, as if the Mariachi was about to play it.
  • Imelda refers to Miguel as her grandson instead of her great-great grandson.
  • With Imelda's help, Miguel believes he can save Héctor from being forgotten by reclaiming his photo and taking it home with him -- despite agreeing to Imelda's "no music" condition, and knowing he cannot pass on any memories of Héctor himself. How was he planning on saving him when doing so required the task of rekindling Coco's memories, before the music ban was lifted?
  • The villain that tries to poison De la Cruz in his movie is called "Don Hidalgo". However, the honorific Don is used with first names, while Hidalgo is a last name. The right honorific would be Señor Hidalgo (or Don Hisfirstname).
  • When Ernesto throws Miguel off back of stage, the picture of Hector is a perfect square instead of having the torn corner it correctly has in other scenes. The picture maintains this incorrect square shape as it floats to the ground.
  • When Miguel is playing his guitar and singing in the talent show in the Land of the Dead, it's not just his guitar that is heard, but other instruments including horns.


  • Miguel and his ancestors confront Ernesto de la Cruz for murdering Héctor and attempting to kill Miguel, while simultaneously revealing to de la Cruz that Miguel is Héctor's great-great-grandson (erroneously referred to as a "grandson" by Mamá Imelda). Although de la Cruz is surprised to learn that Miguel and Héctor are related ("You're related to him?"), in an earlier scene he seems to have figured it out even before Miguel and Héctor do, observing the resemblance between the two when he holds up Héctor's picture and looking back and forth between their similar expressions and traits (the most obvious being their smiles and a dimple that forms in their left cheeks, but not the right). This is partly why he keeps the photo and refuses to give Miguel his blessing to go back to the Land of the Living. Héctor's confrontation and the eventual discovery of his connection to Miguel ultimately does lead to de la Cruz's exposure as a fraud and a killer, and de la Cruz is aware of this early on and does what he can to protect his reputation.
  • When Miguel returns to the Land of the Living at sunrise, the doors to Ernesto's tomb are sitting open to allow him out, despite the fact that they were closed and locked earlier in the film. The guitar being on the floor proves that no one entered while Miguel was gone - otherwise, they would have returned it to its spot on the wall.
  • Since Mexican surnames are passed patrilineally, Miguel would share his surname with his grandfather Franco, not his grandmother Elena. However, in the film Hector, Imelda, Coco, Elena, and Miguel all appear to share the same surname, Rivera.
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