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Christmas With You

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Follows a pop star who's got a career burnout and escapes to a small town where she finds not only inspiration but a shot of love.


  • Aimee Garcia
  • Freddie Prinze
  • Gabriel Sloyer
  • Lawrence J. Hughes
  • Matthew Grimaldi
  • Zenzi Williams
  • Elisa Bocanegra
  • Emily Davidson
  • Grace Dumdaw

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Nov 29, 2022

Garcia and Prinze are so likable that it’s satisfying to see them spend an hour or so of screen time figuring out what the audience knows right away.

Metacritic review by Noel Murray
Noel Murray
Los Angeles Times
Nov 18, 2022

It doesn’t break any genre barriers, nor does the film offer anything new to say about these respective topics. However, Tagliavini nicely crafts a Christmas rom-com that is funny and sincere — a feat with which many other holiday romantic comedies have struggled.

Brittany Witherspoon
Screen Rant