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  • In the drive-in scene when Leigh darts from the car out into the pouring rain, her hair is already soaked. In the previous shot inside the car, it was dry.
  • When Christine smashes into the silver Camaro at the gas station, the hood of the Camaro gets knocked off the hinges and twisted sideways. As Christine reverses and drags the Camaro backward, you can see down through the hood that the engine compartment is empty. Minus a transmission, as well.
  • Rubber steering wheel buckles as Darnell is being crushed.
  • When Christine is crushed and dropped from the junkyard crane, the side facing Dennis, Leigh and Junkins shows a steel wheel very prominently. As they talk, they are looking right at it, and when the shot returns to the cube, the wheel is gone, replaced by Christine's mangled grillwork and front bumper- as if the cube has spun 180 degrees. The viewing angle is unchanged, evidenced by the crane's tread belts and the area in the background, and if the cube were 'morphing', the 3 characters would have seen it and reacted.
  • After Buddy Repperton has smashed Christine with his friends, the license plate is in place but when Christine has fixed herself, the license plate is gone.
  • When Arnie takes Leigh back home, he switches off the windshield wipers when they're on the outside of the windshield. When he comes back to Christine a few minutes later, the wipers are in their normal position.
  • Christine has common lock "buttons" on the inside door panels. This is incorrect as 1958 Plymouths are not equipped with buttons. To lock the door, the door handle has to be rotated counter-clockwise.
  • Christine has a chrome grill, yet when Dennis runs her over with the caterpillar, the lower section where the license plate is located is painted red.
  • Camera reflected in the glass when Darnell is making the phone call just before he gets killed.
  • At the the end of the film, Dennis uses the Caterpillar tractor to ram Christine. He also immobilizes the car by dropping the teeth of the loading bucket into the roof. Then we see close-ups of the car repairing itself completely. The next shot, just before the tractor starts to crush the car, shows the car in its previous smashed-up condition again.
  • Buddy steps on Arnie's glasses and clearly breaks them. After Mr. Casey breaks up the fight Arnie puts on his glasses, which appear to be undamaged. He's really just wearing the bows without the glasses themselves.
  • At the gas station that explodes, a car is lifted high in the left service bay, but is down on the floor when the building explodes. To try and fix this continuity error, a quick close-up shows the controls for the right bay's lift as Christine shoves the Camaro inside the right bay, smashing those controls. This should have no effect on the left lift (each lift is completely independent for safety), yet two quick close-ups (of the blonde guy, then his feet) show the car on the left is now coming down. But long before it could have traveled all the way down, the next shot is from outside as the building explodes with the car firmly on the floor.
  • When Arnie is buying Christine from LeBay, Arnie's hands switch from out of to in his jacket pockets between shots.
  • The spot on Dennis's sweatshirt from being grabbed by Moochie during lunch is still moist that night while at the Cunningham house.
  • When Buddy Repperton falls into the pile of boxes in the school garage, some of the boxes are already crumpled (from an earlier take).
  • The Camaro that Christine drags backwards at the gas station can be seen to have no engine and no interior, as it is a "shell" stunt-double car.
  • When Christine backs out of the office and almost backs into Leigh, hitting the pole, the "PLYMOUTH" letters are missing from the trunk door. In the next shot , they're back.
  • When Moochie is running from Christine he briefly loses sight of her. He stops running, turns around and takes a few steps backwards while glancing down to make sure he stops at the spot they marked for him.
  • Towards the end of the film Dennis, who is on crutches and can hardly walk, gets into Darnell's garage through a window. After he drops in, he clearly runs to the door to let Leigh inside.
  • The small wheels that are visible under the car that Christine crashes into during the showdown at Darnell's is not a goof. Vehicles that won't run or have no engine are often put on this type of dolly to allow them to be moved around with ease.
  • When Arnie first notices that Christine has repaired air cleaners, there is clearly no hood on the car. But when Christine starts to repair everything else, the hood pops out from the engine.
  • When Leigh falls off the hanging tire while trying to escape from Christine, she gets off the ground and her hair is messy and in her face. A few moments later, when against the wall, her hair is perfectly neat again.
  • The film is set in 1979 but George Thorogood's Bad to the Bone wasn't released until 1982. However, the song is not meant to take place in the movie, simply for it like an original motion picture soundtrack.
  • In the football game scene the left chinstrap on Dennis' helmet is twisted prior to the snap but is straightened out after the snap.
  • In 1958, the Lynch road assembly plant In Detroit ran on 3 shifts, 24 hours a day. They did not shut the plant down at 5pm as seen in the movie.
  • When Arnie visits Dennis in the hospital for the first time, the foot he puts the paper cup on is fake.
  • When Arnie brings Christine home to get his parents to register the car in their name, Arnie's mother is standing against the kitchen sink, holding a cigarette which switches hands between shots.
  • The first car in the assembly line has a bent grille (two grille bars are bent next to the left headlight), revealing that the car is old.
  • When Dennis is in the hospital, the date reveals it to be Thanksgiving day. The football game on the TV is between the Lions and Raiders. Those two teams have played on Thanksgiving, but the game here shows the Lions in their road jerseys. The Detroit Lions ALWAYS play at home on Thanksgiving.
  • The first time that Dennis talks to Leigh he first gets a book from a shelf. When he sits down at her table he lays the book on the table. When he leaves there is no book.
  • On Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 1978, we see the Oakland Raiders playing a football game on the television set in Dennis's hospital room. In reality, the Raiders did not play on that day. The two NFL games that were played that day were: Denver Broncos vs. Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys.
  • As Christine rolls off the assembly line at the factory she is painted bright red with a white roof. Twenty years later when Arnie first bought her, the paint is badly faded and rusted but the color of her roof is the same faded red as the rest of the car. Only after her partial restoration does her top become white again.
  • When Christine is starting to regenerate and Arnie says "show me", the grill is intact, later during the restoration, the grill is damaged, being repaired.
  • In one scene, Arnie goes out to the scrap pile and carries a brake rotor into the shop. Chrysler products did not have disc brakes in 1958 so the rotor wouldn't fit anywhere on Christine.
  • Christine "died" after her original owner died, then Arnie Cunningham's love for her brought her back. Yet, after Arnie dies at the end, Christine begins to regenerate from the cube she was made into. Not only that, but Christine has to be in motion in order to regenerate.
  • At the very beginning of the movie we see the camera sweeping from a ventilator via a clock showing 12:45 to the assembly line. Christine can already be seen as she is the only red car in the line (the sixth car counting from the front). The following camera shots do not indicate any gap in time, so when the guy with the cigar dies in the car, it should be 1:00-1:30 latest. Yet, the dead body is not discovered until the bell rings at 5:00. At that time the assembly line seems not to have made any progress and Christine still plays "Not Fade Away". Somehow 4 hours are missing in the story line.
  • When Arnie buys Christine, she has over 93,000 miles on her, but when Dennis looks inside her later, she has less than 90,000 miles. This is not a goof, as in the book the odometer turns backwards.
  • As a result of Christine smashing into the silver Camaro at the gas station, Christine's left fender and the hood are quite visibly crumpled. But once Christine catches fire, a front shot of the blazing auto driving down the road shows no signs of damage on Christine.
  • The odometer running backwards was intended. Christine was getting younger as the movie progressed ultimately being reborn when the odometer zeros out.
  • When Arnie visits Dennis in the hospital and places the paper cup on Dennis' toe, the foot does not match Dennis' foot. As the camera angle changes, you can see the bottom of Dennis' foot and looking at the toes, the shape does not match the foot in the scene with Arnie.
  • While Arnie and Dennis are driving to school, Arnie relays a story about playing Scrabble with his parents the night before. He states that he had the option of spelling RATIO for a 7 points or FELLATIO to win the game. The ability to spell both words would require 9 letters and the rules of Scrabble dictate that players may only hold 7 letters at one time. Scrabble is a crossword game, and both words in ATIO. If the board is arranged correctly, you could use 2 letters from the board to spell either word, and thus have access to 9 letters, 7 in the rack plus two from the board.
  • During Arnie's first visit to see Dennis in the hospital the book on the tray table changes positions / locations during the conversation.
  • In the beginning of the movie we are shown Christine being manufactured as a red 1957 Plymouth Fury. The only available color for that year was sandstone white with gold anodized aluminum trim.
  • The color of Christine's license plate changes continuously throughout the film.
  • As Dennis draws up to Arnie's driveway, at around the 05:20 mark, look at the reflection in Dennis's car door and you can see a person (presumably a crew member) approach the car.


  • The position of Buddy Repperton's body after being run over by Christine.
  • The morning after Darnell has been killed, Arnie tries to brush off Det. Junkins by telling him he has to get to school. It's during the Christmas holidays - there would be no school.
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