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  • In the first part of the film, Chucky mistakes Andy's name as "Andy sup" and calls him this. He starts to call him simply "Andy" after a while. Presumably, they either figured out how to change his name as one can with Siri or Alexa, or Chucky's intelligence grows enough to know to call him just "Andy."
  • There are numerous Buddi toys involved in the chaos in the toy store at the end of the film, after Chucky hacks into them. It's not clear what happens to them, as Andy and Karen are faced only with Chucky a few minutes later. However, since Chucky has finally cornered Andy, controlling the other toys may no longer seem necessary.
  • In one scene, the characters are watching a version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 that's wildly out of order.
  • When Andy's mother's boyfriend is wrapped in the Christmas lights and being dragged into the garden tiller, the lights are still on. The tiller would have chewed up the cord from both ends causing the lights to go out immediately, but it was a funny premise anyway.
  • Mike Norris calls Andy's friends "Millennials". They are Generation Z, not Millennias..


  • When Andy and his friends are about to leave the store under the security door, Andy is not wearing his hearing aid as he swings his head showing his left ear repeatedly for several moments. Seconds later when the security door has closed and he stands up he suddenly has his hearing aid back in his left ear. The hearing aid is very noticeable and was conspicuously absent.
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