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  • Babs' knitting bag disappears completely after she hides it behind her back.
  • The tire mark on Mrs. Tweedy's forehead disappears/reappears between shots.
  • During the film, Rocky is cycling through the English countryside listening to a radio. On the radio is 'The Wanderer' by Dion. The film is set in 1959, but 'The Wanderer' was a UK hit in 1962.
  • Mr. Tweedy's shotgun disappears on the porch in the opening sequence.
  • Mr. Tweedy's position after being knocked out.
  • The "Egg Production Table" in Mrs. Tweedy's hand changes twice.
  • After Mrs Tweedy falls off the plane, the shot of Fowler saying "The old bird bought it!" is flipped (the "17" is the wrong way round and is also on the wrong side of the hut door).
  • In the last few minutes of the movie, when Rocky comes back to the farm on his tricycle, he is heard yelling "Ginger!," but if you took a good look at his beak when you hear him say it, you will find that the beak is not opened. It's closed.
  • In the overhead shot of the huts when Rocky starts teaching the chickens how to fly, hut 24 is behind hut 23. Later, when Nick and Fetcher are watching them jumping on the hot water bottle, huts 23 and 24 are next to each other.
  • The chicken catapult changes during Mac's demonstration. The teeth on the cog and ratchet point in different directions within the same scene.
  • Rocky abseils on a telephone wire through a round window into the shed with the pie machine. The bracket holding the wire is clearly attached exactly above the window. Later, when Mrs. Tweedy involuntarily skydives from the plane, she enters the shed through the same round window (the bracket is clearly visible above it) but she does not hit the wire on her way down.
  • When Ginger says, in response to Rocky asking who would want to know if he was the rooster on the poster, "A rather desperate group of chickens. You see, if you are...", she starts saying it when the camera is on her. When the shot cuts to Rocky and Ginger's back is towards the camera, Ginger is still heard talking. However, Ginger's mouth isn't moving (you can see that her cheek isn't moving while the back of her head is still in camera).
  • Mac tells Rocky that "You sprained your anterior tendon connecting your radius to your humerus." However, tendons connect muscles to bones and the radius and humerus are both bones, so she should've said 'ligament', not 'tendon'.
  • Puppets were often mounted to rigs so they could be suspended in the air. The rigs were edited out of each frame after filming, but there is a short cut in Chicken Run where a rig was missed: Inside the pie machine when Rocky is falling out of the meat chute, the 17-frame cut of him falling directly into the camera still has the puppet rig visible.
  • In the first scene with the rats, when Ginger is leading the rats around the corner with her lantern, two wires that provide current to the lantern can be seen trailing off the puppet's back. At the same time, a lighting instrument can be seen on the floor, just on the edge of the frame, which may be cropped out on some displays.
  • While Nick's use of "Viola!" is correct and French, his later line to Rocky of "El merchandiso", is not Spanish as Fetcher says it is. In Spanish, "the merchandise" (as he wanted to say) would actually be "La mercancías". Then again, it may be justified as Nick doesn't seem like the sort of character to know that.
  • Chickens aren't completely incapable of flight as the movie would imply. Their body structure simply doesn't allow them to maintain altitude for very long. With that said, it would still be impossible for chickens to fly over a ten-foot-tall fence.


  • When Mac shouts 'we're giving 'er all she's got!' the crank motor on Fowler's right and the wing it's connected to briefly move out of sequence with each other.
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