Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

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  • Trailer for Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
  • Clip: Hypnotizing Krupp

Movie Info & Cast


Two overly imaginative pranksters named George and Harold hypnotize their principal into thinking he's a ridiculously enthusiastic, incredibly dimwitted superhero named Captain Underpants.


  • Kevin Hart
  • Ed Helms
  • Nick Kroll
  • Thomas Middleditch
  • Jordan Peele
  • Kristen Schaal
  • DeeDee Rescher
  • Brian Posehn
  • David Soren
  • Mel Rodriguez

Did You Know?


  • This will be DreamWorks Animation's 31st film adaptation.
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  • When Captain Underpants jumps out the window, the glass appears to be broken & jagged; but once he's outside, the hole in the glass is the exact shape of Captain Underpants. However, this is merely an illusion since indoors the hole is seen in close-up so is less recognizable, but actually it's still the same shape. For instance, the jagged edges next to George are really the Captain's left armpit with the arm curving round, below which is a sharp angle made by the Captain's raised left heel with the left flank of his torso; then next to Harold is the crease between the Captain's right buttock & right leg, with his right armpit just visible up by the boy's head.
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    • George Beard: When I snap my fingers, you will obey our every command.
    • George BeardHarold Hutchins: You are now the greatest superhero of all time, the amazing Captain Underpants!
    • [as Captain Underpants]
    • Mr. Krupp: Tra-La-Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

Concession service was terrible. Not Atoms fault but thought you should know how the theatre was representing your service.

Doug G
Verified Review

great for kids, better for stoners

Carlos M


Jun 8, 2017

Captain Underpants’ plethora of animation styles (including a wonderful sock puppet sequence) separates the film into imaginative sublayers, keeping it from feeling like the one-joke wonder that it often edges towards.

Jacob Oller
Paste Magazine
Jun 1, 2017

In the absence of a sturdier storyline and more dimensional characters, the manic, rapid-fire delivery, while yielding some well-deserved laughs, proves more exhausting than inspired.

Metacritic review by Michael Rechtshaffen
Michael Rechtshaffen
The Hollywood Reporter
Jun 1, 2017

Thanks to a top-notch screenplay by Nicholas Stoller, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie manages to be both a faithful adaptation of Dav Pilkey’s source material and a fun-filled animated adventure suitable for all ages.

Metacritic review by Alex Welch
Alex Welch