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  • The name "SHIELD" is used throughout the film. But this is a film set in 1995. That name/acronym wasn't created until 2008, in the first Iron Man film's epilogue, when Coulson coins the abbreviation, as the organization was originally referred to by its full unabbreviated name (the Agent Carter one-shot makes this error as well).
  • First time you see the Harley Davidson Sportster that Vers/Carol will steal, it is a mirror image. HD Sportster has the air filter and exhaust pipes on right side of the bike, not on the left.
  • The movie is set in June 1995 as evidenced by a calendar that appears next to Fury's head in one scene, however several scenes contain pop culture references to things that are out of place. In the Block Buster scene a copy of the film First Knight (1995) can be seen however this would not be released in cinemas until July of that year. The song "Only Happy when it Rains" by Garbage is heard playing on a pub jukebox although the song would not be released until August 1995 on Garbage's self-titled album and as a single the following month. A poster can be seen for the album Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins which would not finish recording until August 1995 and not be released until October. The operating system Windows 95 in the audio CD scene was released August 24, 1995.
  • The small plane at Rambeau's place in Lousiana has LED landing/taxi lights on the nose - these were not available in 1995.
  • Towards the end we explore Carol Danvers' subconscious and the Nirvana song "Come as You Are" is played on a record player. That song was released on the album Nevermind in September 1991, and as a single in March 1992. The film takes place in 1995 and Danvers left Earth in 1989. How that song came to be in her subconscious is unclear.
  • When Stan Lee is rehearsing for his part in Mallrats, it is out of place as the film is set in June 95' and the filming of Mallrats took place between 6th March and 12 April 95'
  • Skrulls can mimic any person they see down to the DNA level. This must include their vocal cords too. However when a male skrull mimics a woman on the beach his (or technically hers) voice is still the same. This is Talos as there are other times he fails to mimic the voice, his mimic skills must not be as good as other Skrulls.
  • Talos brings the audio which he claimed he obtained from black box. The black box is usually located in the tail section of an aircraft. In the movie, Carol shot at the energy core which is also located at the tail section. Unless it was located elsewhere, or unusually hardened, it's unlikely the Black box would survive the huge explosion.
  • The fight on the LA Metro light rail starts near the Douglas station in El Segundo, SE of Los Angeles International Airport. This is part of the Green Line which runs East-West. The fight concludes on a train headed into a tunnel--this is part of the Blue Line which runs North-South--and ends at the 7th St/Metro station in downtown Los Angeles. To get from the Green Line to the Blue Line, one must transfer at the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks station in Compton/Watts. The travel time is also grossly compressed; in reality it would take well over half an hour to get from Douglas to 7th/Metro. The exterior of the station where Carol exits also doesn't match; it is the Civic Center station, which would involve another transfer onto the Red Line from where she got off the train.
  • The F-15s in the movie belong to the 144th FW of the California Air National Guard. The 144th didn't convert to F-15s until 2013-2014 and were flying F-16s in 1995.
  • When Danvers and Fury arrive at the Pegasus base one of the aircraft in the hangar is an F-22 Raptor. Although this movie is set in 1995 the first Raptor didn't fly until 1997...two years after the events of the film.
  • The security guard appears to lower window for Captain Marvel by electric window but when he rolls down the window for Nick Fury, it is a manual window.
  • While True Lies was released in theaters in 1994 it was not released on VHS or home video till August 31, 1999, four plus years after the movie was supposed to take place.
  • When Fury hits his car while following Carol Denvers, he is injured, and in the background you can hear someone shouting to call 911. 911 service was only started after 2001, while the movie is set in the 90s.
  • In this movie, Fury uses the abbreviated name SHIELD but as per Iron Man, which occurred in 2008 (13 years later), the acronym SHIELD had not yet been coined. Agent Coulson still referred to it as Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division.
  • In the Avengers (2012), Nick Fury mentions that Thor's appearance and fight with the Destroyer is first contact with an alien race. He could be lying to maintain secrecy of when humans truly had first contact, as he and S.H.I.E.L.D. learn of aliens as early as 1995 from the events of this movie.
  • Fury makes a common vocabulary mistake when typing, using the phrase "comprised of" (which makes no sense). He should have used either "composed of" or "comprising."
  • Vers' crash-landing point in Los Angeles is in the Valley Plaza area of the San Fernando Valley, based on visible landmarks such as the Valley Plaza Tower, which can be seen in several shots. There are (and were) no above-ground rail lines in this area, and the Douglas rail station featured prominently soon after is 28 miles south.
  • When Fury is loading up the black box recording of the crash on the computer. You can see a Microsoft Excel file icon on the desktop, denoted with a square, green logo on the top left of the icon. That particular design of the Microsoft Excel logo first appeared in the 2003 edition of Microsoft Excel.
  • When Fury is loading the black box recording on to the computer. The Windows operating system that is displayed contains desktop icon designs that were first introduced in Windows 2000. This version of Windows was first available to manufactures late 1999 and released retail early 2000, over four years after the events of the film.
  • At the beginning of the sequence involving Captain Marvel fighting a Skrull disguised as an elderly woman, Captain Marvel enters the train in between cars. This could not happen in real life as all Metro Rail Trains are not designed to have passengers travel between cars in this fashion.
  • What Talos called the 'black box' would really have been the Cockpit Voice Recorder, since the black box(es) in an aircraft don't actually record audio. The CVR is also located in / near the cockpit, so wouldn't have been destroyed when Carol blew up the engine core on her crashed aircraft.
  • At Rambeau's place you see a keypad for a security system on the wall, that model keypad did not come out until 2005 or so.
  • When Vers first approaches the security guard in his car after coming out of the Blockbuster and knocks on the window, he lowers his window where you can hear the window's electric motor working. When the SHIELD agents knock on the car's window again later, the guard lowers the window with a crank.
  • When Vers breaks out of captivity after escaping from the mind probe near the beginning of the film she is barefoot yet she seems to acquire a new pair of boots somewhere along the way as she is wearing them by the time she lands on earth.
  • When Vers/Danvers enters Pancho's bar, there is a small poster announcing a Texas Hold'em Tournament. Hold'em did not become a popular bar game until the late 2000s. The first use of hole/lipstick cameras on ESPN broadcasts of the 2002 World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour beginning to air on the Travel Channel in 2003 led to the popularity of Hold'em for the poker masses. - Daniel L. 'Doc' Cox, Author of "Winning Blue-Collar Hold'em"
  • A Skrull's power to shape-shift includes changing their clothes. But when Fury kills the Skrull impersonating Coulson, only his face changes back to normal while he is still wearing a black agent suit. Every time that a Skrulls dies, they revert back to their true form, but the clothes remain unchanged. The big question is if their abilities extend to their clothes, or if the clothes changes because of advanced technology. In the case of the latter, it'd be a separate feature from their own biological ability to change.
  • When Nick Fury is questioning Captain Marvel after trashing the Blockbuster Video store, a Sears store is seen in the distance bearing the incorrect logo for 1995. The all-lowercase "sears" wordmark seen in the movie wouldn't be adopted until 2010.
  • When Denvers fist meets Fury, to test if he's a disguised Skrull she asks him to tell her about his past, as Skrull's cannot access distant memories. But since Denvers had just met Fury, she would have no way of knowing what he has told her is true or not.
  • While Fury and Capt Marvel are waiting in the office, at Pegasus, the bulletin board has a DOL 2019 poster. Red is the color scheme for 2019.
  • After Vers crash-lands at the Blockbuster video store, a poster for the movie Babe (1995) can be seen in a window display. However, that movie would not be released in U.S. theaters until August 1995, two months after this film's setting, and it would not be released on home video until March 1996.
  • When Vers/Danvers/Captain Marvel crash lands on Earth and must build a communication device to contact her Kree cohorts using "primitive" earth objects that she "borrowed" from Radio Shack. One of the items that it implies she took from Radio Shack, was a GameBoy device. Problem is: GameBoy devices (just like so many other name-brand game consoles) were never sold in Radio Shack stores.
  • The film is set in 1985 but the Los Angeles Light Railway featured in the film did not become operational until July 1990.
  • When Goose is at Talos' feet, he takes a step back. Goose is then picked up from at least six feet away.
  • The character of Maria Rambeau could not have existed. While there were female U.S. Air Force fighter pilots in the late 1980s in non-combat roles, such as the experimental unit suggested by the film, there were no black female fighter pilots in any U.S. armed service until much later. The first U.S. black female fighter pilot was Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell, who graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1998 and did not become a fighter pilot until 2000, long after the events of this film.
  • A reveal at the end of the film is that Captain Carol Danvers' call sign (nickname) as a fighter pilot was "Avenger." While this serves as a plot mechanism to explain how the Avengers were named, Danvers would not have realistically received such a call sign. First, call signs are almost always pejorative, for instance based on something unwise a new pilot may have done or said. Second, being one of a very few female fighter pilots in the 1980s (prior to the 1991 Tailhook naval aviation sexual harassment scandal), Danvers would have almost certainly received a call sign related to her gender in an unflattering way. Either way, "Avenger" would never happen unless there was a story behind it that did not reflect well on her.
  • Multiple characters refer to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agency by name. However, it is stated in Iron Man (2008) that the phonics acronym was a recent change. According to the official MCU time line, Iron Man (2008) takes place in 2010, where Captain Marvel (2019) takes place in 1995, 15 years prior.
  • Video clip of Danvers using her hand before its out of its shackle.
  • At around 0:34 minutes in the film, Nick Fury shows his ID and says "Official S.H.I.E.L.D. activity". Also around 0:42 minutes he identifies himself as Nicholas Joseph Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. But the term S.H.I.E.L.D. was not used untill the events of Iron Man (2008) when Agent Phil Coulson meets Pepper during press conference & says he is from "Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division". It was only at the end of Iron Man (2008) that Phil says now they are known by S.H.I.E.L.D. Since Captain Marvel is set in 1995, there is no way this acronym could have been used. Coulson never says that they are now known as SHIELD. When Pepper tries to say the full name, Coulson responds: "just call it SHIELD". Even if one regards that as the birth of acronym, it has been ignored since the start of the MCU. The opening montage of The Incredible Hulk (2008) shows a document, written before 2008, where the organization is identified as "Shield". Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter (2013) (set in 1946) calls the organization "SHIELD". As does flashbacks (that take place before the events of Iron Man) in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013).
  • In the Avengers (2012), Nick Fury mentions that Tony Stark found the Tesseract while looking for Captain America in the ice.
  • Maria Rambeau wears a necklace That has the name Monica which is her daughters name.
  • Fury talks about WIFI password, WiFi didn't exist up to 1997.
  • Vers changes out of her "scuba suit" and into clothes she takes off of a mannequin. She then rides off on a motorcycle without her suit. Yet later on when she is ready to fly into space, she has the suit on again even though she left it back at the store.
  • The plane they fly into space and back to earth would have burned up on reentry since it was not designed for nor equipped with heat shields. Also the jet engines would not have functioned in space since there is no air.


  • This film shows how Fury lost the use of his left eye. Captain America: The Winter Soldier features a photograph of Fury being sworn in as director of SHIELD, clearly at a later time than this film. In that photograph, his left eye is in perfect working order.
  • Each time a Kree, including Vers, enters a non-breathable environment his/her suit automatically wraps them with protective headgear. During the ending scene, Carol Danvers zips around in outer space without the previously seen reaction from her suit.
  • After the events of Captain Marvel, the method of how Mar Vell got her hands on the Tesseract is unclear. At the end of CA: The First Avenger, the Tesseract is lost in the ocean after Cap's battle with Red Skull and is fished out by Howard Stark. Nick Fury confirms this in 2012's the Avengers when he tells Cap that they stumbled upon the Tesseract while they were looking for him after his crash in the ice. So is assumed that SHIELD held onto the Tesseract for the next 70 years until Loki stole the it from them. But some time after Howard Stark found it Mar Vell got her hands on it. It came back into SHEILD possession after Goose ate it and Carol gave the creature to Fury, telling him to keep the Tesseract on Earth. In the second post credit scene Goose regurgitates it onto Fury's desk.
  • There is no explanation as to how the Avengers were able to find the pager that Nick Fury used to contact Captain Marvel. At the time that the signal was sent, Fury was in New York City (or DC, it's hard to tell) while the Avengers were all the way in Africa; the travel time from Wakanda to NYC would have been more than enough time for that pager to have been moved around, crushed, or buried in ash (due to Thanos' actions), and thus would have made finding the pager the equivalent of finding a needle in a factory-sized haystack.
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