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  • When Susan hits the back of the truck, the sounds of geese squawking can be heard while it's chickens flying out of the containers.
  • When Susan makes the long putt, she and David run side-by-side toward the hole. The scene cuts to more of a close up, and we see Susan suddenly 2-3 steps behind David.
  • Around 1:02:00 David talks about "Major Appletree" instead of Major Applegate.
  • Whenever the elevator of Susan's apartment building is shown, there is no separation between the floor and the elevator itself.
  • When Susan follows Fritz into the house, the shadow of the boom mic can be seen against the wall of the house.
  • Susan closes the box that holds the Intercostal Clavicle, but when George retrieves the clavicle the box is open ready for him.
  • When Susan is in her apartment and tells David she thinks he's "found a real friend" in Baby, a wire briefly falls into the view of the mirror in the background.
  • When David and Susan first meet on the golf course, Grant is holding his club in one shot and then not in the next. The caddy behind also goes from holding a club and not in the same shots.
  • There is no glass in the windshield of David's car. When David and Susan are arguing over the ownership of the car and she drives off, to catch his balance David grabs the frame of the windshield putting his fingers through where the glass should be.
  • Glass wall in the bathroom to fence Baby in.
  • Katharine Hepburn generally didn't handle the leopard. One scene where this becomes obvious is when Susan has the wild leopard on a leash and is trying to pull him into the jail house. The angle of her end of the leash and the leash attached to the leopard are noticeably different, for they were shot at two different times with a matte.
  • Susan says her brother trapped Baby while he was hunting in Brazil. There are no leopards (an African-Asian animal) in Brazil. There are, however, jaguars, which bear a passing resemblance to leopards. The animal shown is clearly a leopard (the telltale being the lack of dots in the center of each "rosette"), and correctly called such, even if the continent of origin is incorrectly named.
  • When Applegate and Gogarty find the leopard, you can see the shadow of the leopard's trainer come into camera, for just a second, as the leopard moves forward.
  • Gogarty and Major Horace Applegate come across the leopard, and Applegate says, "Personally, Gogarty, I think you're a liar!" They start to run away from the leopard, when suddenly part of the leopard's head is transparent. You can see right through to the wall.
  • The Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus skeleton has numerous errors, including the head of a different dinosaur, Camarasaurus. This was not known until certain discoveries were made at least 30 years after the film came out.
  • When David and Susan are putting Baby into the stall in the stable, the shadow of the boom is very clear in the lower front left corner of the screen as they close the stall door.
  • When Susan is dragging the wild leopard into the jail house, immediately after she utters the words, "Hey David," an obviously mechanical stand-in for Baby (seated on top of the table) is seen turning its head.
  • There is no such thing as an intercostal clavicle, since a clavicle is a shoulder bone and the word "intercostal" refers to a bone found between the ribs.
  • When David and Susan are trying to get Baby off of the roof, the shadows produced by Baby and the chimney are inconsistent with natural lighting. Baby casts a shadow to the left and the chimney casts a shadow to the right.
  • The dinosaur bone would have been too heavy for a small dog to pick up in its teeth and run quickly away. The bone more accurately would have been a fossil, with its organic material replaced by minerals. It would have likely had the weight of a large rock.


  • At the end of the movie, Susan falls from a platform erected in the center of the back wall. However, in the closer views that follow, the platform is in a different location: about six yards further right, in front of a skeletal exhibit hanging on the wall. In the closing long shot, the platform is back in the center.
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