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  • When Brandon sleepwalks to the window the night he tries to break into the barn basement, his bedsheet drags behind him. In the next shot when he gets ready to jump out the window, the bedsheet is gone.
  • The lighting (not the supernatural parts) in the barn sequences is all wrong. In numerous shots you can see the building's light fittings and none of them are ever turned on. All the scene lighting is clearly from the set lights. It comes from completely different positions and has a colour and focus you wouldn't get from the basic incandescent fittings shown.
  • When Kyle and Brandon are talking after fixing the door. He has two pieces of candy Gives one to Brandon. Next scene still has two and when he opens and puts one in his mouth he only had the one.
  • When Brandon is asked to mow the lawn, he goes to start the mower but you can clearly see the type of push mower needs a gas bar on the handle but it isn't there.
  • After the father son camping trip, there is a scene where Brandon is on the phone with Tori where Brandon is staring out over a vista. You can clearly tell it is not Brandon as the hand is of that of a fully grown man.
  • In the school counselor's office, there is a poster stating "The world is your oyster," but the art shows the Earth inside an oyster, so the picture depicts the world as the pearl, not the oyster.
  • There are no wild wolves in Kansas.
  • (At around 1 hour 14 min) Brandon flew thru the house creating a hole in the wall in front of his mother, who was hiding under the counter. The hole clearly expanded below the counter top with dust coming out floating toward her. The second shot after that shows the same wall, level with the counter top, with no hole and no dust whatsoever.
  • As Noah bring his car to a stop, just before seeing Brandon standing in the middle of the road, there is a close up shot of his tire. The shot is mirrored in the vertical axis (i.e. flipped left to right). This is likely to obfuscate the fact that this is a Wrangler tire, while Noah's car is a Ford Bronco.
  • Light bulbs are vacuum sealed, not pressurized. When they break there is negative force on the glass shards. Gravity alone would not be enough to force a piece into Erica's eye. Also, the piece she pulls out is perfectly flat while the bulbs are cylindrical.
  • As Brandon approaches the upturned mower, the blade can be seen spinning clockwise. After he stops the blade, the damage indicates it was turning widdershins instead.
  • Noah is clearly not wearing a seat belt so when Brandon lifts his Bronco up by the rear bumper, Noah should fall down against the windshield. One might argue that he's holding himself up against the steering wheel but there's a point where he takes his hands off of it completely yet he remains perfectly still in the seat.


  • The news report on the plane crash says that Brandon's parents were killed by the falling plane. The injuries to their bodies would not be consistent with those of someone killed by a plane. Also Erica's body is on the scene but not mentioned.
  • Brandon says that Merilee can never ever talk to the sheriff and then invades her house with the obvious intention to silence her. But as soon as her husband appears, Brandon miraculously forgets who's a danger to him and prefers to deal with Noah instead.
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