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    • Roger Ailes: People don't stop watching when there's a conflict. They stop watching when there isn't one.
    • Roger Ailes: Gretchen Carlson could kill Fox News!
    • Jess Carr: You have to adopt the mentality of an Irish street cop: the world is a bad place, people are lazy morons, minorities are criminals, sex is sick but interesting. Ask yourself, what would scare my grandmother or piss off my grandfather? And that's a Fox story.
    • Geraldo Rivera: Look, I've known him for forty years... He's about as flirty as the grizzly from The Revenant!
    • Bret Baier: Roger placed it.
    • Sean Hannity: Fake news.
    • [walks away]
    • Sean Hannity: Come on.
    • Neil Cavuto: Let me tell you something: I call these allegations sick, 'cos they are sick!
    • [arriving]
    • Sean Hannity: Hey, why wasn't I let in on the pact?
    • Bret Baier: What pact?
    • Sean Hannity: Breitbart is saying there's a pact among our top fifty on-air talents...? If Roger gets fired, we all walk...?
    • Neil Cavuto: Great, where do I sign?
    • [leans over cubicle wall]
    • Judge Jeanine Pirro: Why did I never heard of a pact?
    • Neil Cavuto: Me either.
    • [pause as they realize]
    • Kayla Pospisil: I see myself as an influencer in the Jesus space.
    • Kayla Pospisil: I'm not a lesbian.
    • Jess Carr: I'm not a Democrat.
    • Roger Ailes: News is like a ship. You take your hands off the wheel and it pulls hard to the left.
    • Jess Carr: No crying at Fox.
    • Megyn Kelly: Early on he realized for a network to stay on 24 hours a day you need something to hold an audience. That something is legs. There's a reason for clear desks.
    • Lily Balin: It says you're too sexy to be smart, but not smart enough to be sexy.
    • Megyn Kelly: All I want is for this to go away, Roger.
    • Roger Ailes: Look, every general in history has gone into battle feeling the same.
    • Gretchen Carlson: Do you know why we dress soldiers the same? So everybody knows they're replaceable.
    • Megyn Kelly: If I learned anything this year, it's to not get sucked into a fight with someone who has better reason to be in it than you do.
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