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  • Writer, Alex Larsen, is an accomplished battle rapper. He goes by the name Kid Twist.
  • Director Joseph Kahn has worked with battle rappers in the past, featuring league owner Travis 'Organik' Fleetwood and Jonathan 'Dumbfoundead' Park in his 2011 film "Detention".
  • Many of the extras included in the film are real life battle rappers and affiliates to the major battle leagues of America and Canada. All featured partners in their respective YouTube channels: King of the Dot, URL, FreshCoast
  • "Bodied" is the first film to be acquired for distribution by YouTube Red.
  • The film's premiere was at TIFF in Toronto in September 2017.
  • Eminem announced in social media that he bought out the theater in Detroit for two screenings of Bodied on premier weekend and first people to show up would get free tickets to see the movie.
  • Loaded Lux is often considered the God of Battle Rap.
  • When Behn (Jackie Long) asks his daughter what TV show she wants to watch, she states Austin & Ally (2011). Calum Worthy was one of the leads on this Disney show.
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