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Bob Marley: One Love

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BOB MARLEY: ONE LOVE celebrates the life and music of an icon who inspired generations through his message of love and unity. On the big screen for the first time, discover Bob's powerful story of overcoming adversity and the journey behind his revolutionary music.


  • Kingsley Ben-Adir
  • Lashana Lynch
  • James Norton
  • Tosin Cole
  • Umi Myers
  • Anthony Welsh (II)
  • Nia Ashi
  • Aston Barrett Jr.
  • Anna-Sharé Blake
  • Gawaine "J-Summa" Campbell

Atom User Reviews

4.5 out of 5
Verified Review

I'm not Jamaican but I lived there for 2yrs. I didn't have a problem understanding the actors like some people did. The problem is that this movie felt incredibly rushed. Very little actual character development or insight as to how any of the music was created. The only context that is given to the time period is some sentences they throw up on the screen. They try and show glimpses of his life as a child but none of it felt connected in any way. I know he was and is an icon for rastafarians but they always leave out the fact that he converted to Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity before he died. The ending was a complete and utter letdown and anticlimactic. Arguably the biggest concert of his life and they don't show any from it... Not sure what they were thinking with this. I really wanted to like this movie and had high hopes after seeing other musician biography films... This was a major letdown. Really disappointed.

Jace G
Verified Review

I always admired Bob Marley and his message to the world, but I personally think this movie lacks conflict and it was a missed opportunity to tell us more about his story and mind.

Lucas C


Feb 15, 2024

All worldwide musical phenomena carry with them some enigmatic quality that encourages, deliberately or not, a kind of adoring guesswork on behalf of fans. In Bob Marley: One Love, both as written and acted, Marley himself remains more cipher than enigma.

Metacritic review by Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips
Chicago Tribune
Feb 15, 2024

Bob Marley: One Love won't knock your socks off, but there is enough care put into crafting the narrative that turns it into a lovely viewing experience overall.

Mae Abdulbaki
Screen Rant
Feb 15, 2024

If the film is ambitious, it is also inert.

Metacritic review by Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith
Wall Street Journal