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  • The number of college sorority sisters seen in the film totaled to seven. Actually, the movie's Spanish title is "Siete mujeres atrapadas" which translates into English as meaning "Seven Trapped Women".
  • In an interview with, director Mark Rosman stated that he dislikes the US poster art for this film. Rosman's idea for the films poster was a Deliverance-style image of a hand rising out of the swimming pool. However the poster for the US release shows an image of a scantily-clad young woman.
  • Selected by Quentin Tarantino for the First Quentin Tarantino Film Fest in Austin, Texas, 1996.
  • Lois Kelso Hunt's performance is entirely dubbed. Her voice was deemed not "scary" enough for the role. In the Special Edition DVD from Liberation Entertainment, the film's director, Mark Rosman, comments that he believed that she had the right look for the part but ideally he would have preferred a huskier voice, Lois's voice being more high pitched than he would have liked.
  • The opening black and white sequence was tinted blue by the distributor.
  • Shot in the summer of 1981.
  • The starting budget was US $125,000. The film's total budget would end up at being about US $300,000. The production had already gone over budget during preproduction and it was a cousin of director Mark Rosman who came up with enough funding to continue shooting.
  • Director Mark Rosman still has in his personal collection the cane and music box from the movie.
  • The script supervisor and apprentice editor was Rachel Talalay and the assistant director was Paul Schiff. Ten years later they would work on Ghost in the Machine (1993) which Schiff produced and Talalay directed.
  • The set was visited by Baltimore underground filmmaker John Waters early one morning.
  • The gory payoffs to the murder scenes were added after the shoot and filmed in the backyard of director Mark Rosman's parents.
  • (at around 26 mins) Actress Lois Kelso Hunt performed the stunt of falling into the swimming pool herself.
  • Debut film of actresses Janis Ward, Robin Meloy, Jodi Draigie, Ellen Dorsher and Harley Jane Kozak. For Meloy, Draigie, Dorsher, this movie has been their only ever film role.
  • Eileen Davidson borrowed a pair of gym shorts off Harley Jane Kozak so she could wear them in the movie.
  • Actress Harley Jane Kozak was working as a waitress in a restaurant in New York City at the time she was cast in this film.
  • (Director Cameo) Mark Rosman: as a party guest playing the piano.
  • All the crane shots were done with a cherry picker.
  • Director Mark Rosman lived in the sorority house during the shooting of the movie.
  • A few minor edits had to be made to some of the more violent moments in order to secure an R rating.
  • The bathroom scenes were shot at the Baltimore School of Dentistry because the sorority house didn't have a communal bathroom.
  • The name of the girls' college sorority house was "Pi Theta".
  • Writer-director Mark Rosman based the movie on his own real-life experiences from going to college.
  • The House on Sorority Row building itself seen in the film was a converted mansion outside Baltimore in the American state of Maryland.
  • The film was inspired by the Italian horror films of Mario Bava and Henri-Georges Clouzot's classic thriller "Diabolique" (Diabolique (1955)).
  • The picture was retitled "House of Evil" for its British release in the UK.
  • The name of the rock band that performed at the party was never revealed, but the group portraying them was known as "4 Out of 5 Doctors," a locally popular but short-lived power pop band from the Washington, DC area.
  • Debut theatrical feature film directed by Mark Rosman.
  • The film's storyline takes place on the eve of seven sorority girls' graduation. On the Australian home video release, artwork for the movie shows a college girl dressed in black graduation gown with accompanying black mortar board. But in the film itself, when all the graduating gals are seen in graduation attire, they're all in white grad-garb.
  • The film's writer-director-producer Mark Rosman was an executive producer on this film's 2009 remake Sorority Row (2009).
  • The address of the House on Sorority Row was 413 Danfore Road on Sorority Row.
  • Debut produced screenplay of script-writer Mark Rosman.
  • The slogan on the banner at the party read: "Everything's Coming Up Roses".
  • This 1983 film was part of a late 1970s-early 1980s cycle of slasher films which included such horror movies as Halloween (1978) and Friday the 13th (1980). The House on Sorority Row (1982) featured seven sorority sisters on the eve of their graduation. One of these other horror movies in this slasher cycle also had a graduation theme. Graduation Day (1981) had been made and released about two year's earlier in 1981.
  • Mark Rosman performed a number of roles on this picture. Rosman the screenwriter, the film's director, a producer and made a cameo appearance as an actor.
  • Prior to this movie, director Mark Rosman had worked as a voluntary first assistant director and protégé to Brian De Palma on 1980's Home Movies (1979). Rosman decided that the fastest way to become a film director himself was to make a picture himself. And that movie ended up being this film.
  • Was cut slightly by the BBFC for the original UK release under the title House Of Evil. The film is now uncut.
  • This movie is very much a remake of the 1930s Myrna Loy classic 13 Women, which was considered by some to be the very first slasher movie, about a woman who is rejected from a sorority, and then gets revenge by causing the murders of all its members.
  • Eileen Davidson and Harley Jane Kozak later both appeared on the soap opera Santa Barbara. Eileen was the third actress to portray Kelly Capwell. The role of Kelly was originated by Robin Wright before she left to pursue a film career. Harley played Mary Capwell who was married to Kelly's brother Mason and when she left the show Mary was killed off when a restaurant sign of a big letter C for Capwell fell on her. She too pursued films such as Arachnophobia. Eileen has remained a soap opera star appearing on both The Young and The Restless and Days of our Lives as well as being one of the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills.


  • In an interview with, Mark Rosman stated that there was an additional alternate ending to the script. The original script ended with Katie in the hospital being pushed along in a wheelchair. It is then revealed that the orderly pushing her is Eric and the film ends.
  • BODY COUNT: 9 (Mrs. Slater, Party Guest, Stevie, Morgan, Diane, Jeanie, Liz, Vicki, Dr. Nelson Beck)
  • There was an alternative ending shot for the film. It would have followed right where the film currently ends, cutting to the police taking the dead bodies out of the swimming pool. The upside down body of a person in the clown costume was to be floating in the pool, and when turned over, it would reveal Katherine in the suit. This ending was rejected as being too down beat, and the distributors also insisted more gore be added to the film.
  • The key reason the filmmakers decided to kill off Harley Jane Kozak's character Diane early in the movie was because they thought Kozak and Eileen Davidson looked too much alike due to their similar hairstyles.
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