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    • Collin: You monsters got me feeling like a monster in my own town!
    • Collin: Do me a favor. I got three days left on this probation. When you got that gun on you, just don't tell me about it. Plausible deniability.
    • [lifts up gun]
    • Miles: Oh, do you mean *this* gun?
    • James: You are a convicted felon, Mr. Hoskins. You are now that until proven otherwise. Prove otherwise at all times.
    • [on shooting Randall Marshall]
    • Officer Molina: I didn't mean to...
    • [dubious]
    • Miles: You sure?
    • [dubious]
    • Miles: You Sure About That?
    • Miles: Are you good?
    • [pause]
    • Collin: No.
    • [pause]
    • Miles: Yeah.
    • [answers phone]
    • Val: Hi...
    • Collin: But if somebody points out the other picture to you, doesn't it make it not a blind spot anymore?
    • Val: No, 'cause you can't go against what your brain wants to see first unless you spend the time to retrain your brain, which is hella hard, so you're always gonna be instinctually blind to the spot you weren't seeing.
    • [there's a long silence between them]
    • Val: Collin?
    • Collin: When you look at me now... do you always see the fight first?
    • [there's another long silence between them]
    • Collin: Good night Valerie.
    • Collin: Hi.
    • Val: Um...
    • Collin: How's the... how's the memorizing coming?
    • Val: Yeah, just trying to learn these psych terms.
    • Collin: What did you come up with for the... the double picture one? The face and the vase one?
    • Val: Oh, I like that one. It was... "blindspotting."
    • Collin: Why "blindspotting?"
    • Val: 'Cause it's all about how you can look at something and there can be another thing there that you aren't seeing so you got a blind spot.
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