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    • Donald J. Trump: You have some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides.
    • Ron Stallworth: God bless white America.
    • Mr. Turrentine: Sheeeeeeee-it!
    • Patrice Dumas: You jive turkey.
    • Kwame Ture: All power to all people.
    • Ron Stallworth: With the right white man, we can do anything.
    • Patrice Dumas: Are you down for the liberation of black people?
    • Ron Stallworth: Power to the people.
    • Patrice Dumas: All power to all the people.
    • Ron Stallworth: That's right, sister.
    • Flip Zimmerman: For you it's a crusade. For me it's a job.
    • Ron Stallworth: You're Jewish. They hate you. Doesn't that piss you off? Why are you acting like you don't got skin in the game?
    • [first lines]
    • Dr. Kennebrew Beauregard: Hello, my fellow Americans. They say we may have lost the battle but we didn't lose the war. Yes, my friends, we are under attack. You may have read about this in your local newspapers or seen it on the evening news. That's right. We are living in an era marked by the spread of integration and miscegenation. The Brown decision. The Brown decision, forced upon us by the Jewish-controlled puppets on the U.S. Supreme Court, compelling white children to go to school with an inferior race, is the final nail in a coffin, is the final nail in a black coffin towards America becoming a mongrel nation. We had a great way of life. We had a great way of life. We had a great way of life. We had a great way of life until the Martin Luther Coons of this world and their army of Commies started their civil rights assault against our holy white Protestant values. Do you really want your precious white child going to school with Negroes? They're lying, dirty monkeys, stopping at nothing to gain their equality with white men. Rapists, murderers, craving the virgin white, is it "virgin pure"? Rapists, murderers, craving the virgin pure flesh of white women. They are super predators! And the Negro's insidious tactics, under the tutelage of high-ranking, blood-sucking Jews, using an army of outside northern black beast preda... agitators. God, watch this! God! Using an army of outside northern black beast agitators determined to overthrow the God-commanded and biblically inspired rule of the white race. It's an international Jewish conspiracy. May God bless us all.
    • Kwame Ture: If I am not for myself, who will be? If I am for myself alone, who am I? If not now, when? And if not you, who?
    • Chief Bridges: What was the room like?
    • Ron Stallworth: Folks were hanging on every word.
    • Jimmy Creek: Like a Baptist church on Christmas Sunday morning.
    • Felix Kendrickson: My old man always told me good things come to those who wait.
    • Sergeant Trapp: You know the way to sell hate? Affirmative action, immigration, crime, tax reform... He
    • [David Duke]
    • Sergeant Trapp: says, noone wants to be called a bigot anymore because Archie Bunker made that too uncool. So, the idea is under all these issues... everyday Americans can accept it. Support it. Until eventually, one day he gets somebody in the White House that embodies it.
    • Kwame Ture: I just want to leave you, sisters and brothers, with these last words. If I am not for myself, who will I be? If I am for myself alone, who am I? If not now, when? And if not you, who? We need an undying love for black people, wherever we may be. All power to the people.
    • Chief Bridges: Anything happens to one of my men, there won't be two Ron Stallworths. There'll be none.
    • Flip Zimmerman: I'm Jewish, but I wasn't raised to be. It wasn't part of my life, I never thought much about being Jewish, nobody around me was Jewish. I wasn't going to a bunch of Bar Mitzvahs, I didn't have a Bar Mitzvah. I was just another white kid. And now I'm in some basement denying it out loud. *chuckles* I never thought much about it, now I'm thinking about it all the time. About rituals and heritage. Is that passing? Well then I have been passing.
    • [trying to imitate how he thinks black people speak]
    • David Duke: "Are-uh you gonna fry up that crispy fried chicken, soul brother?"
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