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  • The movie is supposed to take place in 1971-72. Throughout some of the bar scenes and home scenes, the patrons and klan members were drinking bottles of Schlitz beer that had bar codes on the back of the labels. Bar codes were not introduced until 1974.
  • Sergeant Trapp is wearing sergeant's stripes on his sleeves, but also wearing captain's bars on his epaulets.
  • When Felix and Flip drive off the Inn parking lot, a modern car passes them. Modern cars are also parked up the road.
  • The whole movie revolves around Ron and his job at the Colorado Springs Police Department. However, when he chases Connie, he says "Colorado State Police." He never transfers to the state police, nor is the C.S.P.D. a state police force.
  • If the members want to hide the real purpose of "The Organization", there is no explanation to show a newspaper advertising with the name "Ku Klux Klan".
  • Toward the end of the film, during the car pursuit sequence, a vehicle quickly rounds a bend in a sweeping crane shot. A jump cut is clearly visible during this shot (presumably from stitching two takes together), and then there's an immediate cut to a take from inside the car rounding the same bend again. In this second shot, one can clearly see the entire technocrane thru the car window as it passes thru the shot - in addition to roughly 15 obvious crew members standing around it.
  • Kennebrew Beauregard uses the term "super-predator" in the prologue, which takes place in the 1960s. The term was not coined until the 1990s.
  • Ron and Patrice refer to Ron O'Neal's character in Super Fly (1972) as "pimp", while he actually plays a drug dealer.
  • When Ron tears the report, it can be seen how the word "external" is misspelled as "exernal".
  • After Stallworth cusses out Duke on the phone, the shot cuts to the office cheering for him as he slams the phone onto its cradle. In the next shot, Ron is seen again slamming the phone onto the cradle, which was edited this way by the filmmakers for effect.
  • David Duke uses the term "ethnically cleansing our people" during a radio broadcast. However, the term "ethnic cleansing" did not originate until 1988.
  • The Colorado license plates seen throughout the movie have white mountains and a green sky background, but this design was not introduced until 2000.
  • The Colorado license plates in the movie are serialized "##-####" (two alphanumeric, a dash, four alphanumeric), but Colorado license plates are actually "ABC-123" (three letters, a dash, three numbers).
  • Early on in the movie when the real Ron Stallworth is talking to David Duke on the phone, he tells Duke that his father "was a great man" - indicating his father has passed away. Later on the fake Stallworth tells various members of the Klan, including David Duke, that his father is still alive but sick.
  • The newspaper Ron is reading has six columns, but newspapers of that time period had eight columns and were larger than those published today.
  • When David Duke inducts Flip into the Klan, the cross behind him is illuminated with helical CFL light bulbs. Although CFL bulbs were invented in 1976, they did not become commercially available until the mid 1990s.
  • The picture that Flip takes on Ron's request doesn't look like it should. For example, the Klansman on the right is looking to the side when the picture is taken but in the picture itself he is looking ahead.
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