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Quotes from Black Widow

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    • Natasha Romanoff: I've lived a lot of lives... But I'm done running from my past.
    • [squeezed into his Red Guardian uniform]
    • Alexei Shostakov: It still fits!
    • [to Alexei]
    • Melina Vostokoff: You got fat.
    • Yelena Belova: How many are there?
    • Natasha Romanoff: Enough.
    • Natasha Romanoff: Before I was an Avenger, I made mistakes... and a lot of enemies.
    • Natasha Romanoff: My plan was to run away!
    • Yelena Belova: Well, your plan sucks.
    • Alexei Shostakov: We're family. We fight with you!
    • [from trailer]
    • Yelena Belova: I didn't say anything, that's not fair!
    • [at the dinner table]
    • Melina Vostokoff: Natasha, don't slouch!
    • Natasha Romanoff: I'm not slouching!
    • Melina Vostokoff: You're going to get a back hunch.
    • Alexei Shostakov: Listen to your mother.
    • Natasha Romanoff: Oh my God, this...
    • Alexei Shostakov: Up, up!
    • Natasha Romanoff: All right, enough! All of you!
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