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  • This is the second remake of Black Christmas (1974).
  • First "Black Christmas" film to not feature actress, Andrea Martin.
  • Universal Studios/Blumhouse received a backlash after the first trailer was released for the film due to the extreme amount of spoilers within it.
  • The first Black Christmas film to be rated PG-13. Both the 1974 original and 2006 remake were R-rated. About 30 minutes of footage was supposedly excised to achieve the PG-13 rating after test screenings, as Takal wanted the film to be more marketable to young girls interested in the horror genre.
  • The film received a massive backlash due to the PG-13 rating. Coincidentally, the first remake Black Christmas (2006) was at one point rumored to be PG-13 but the producers wisely decided to release an R-rated film.
  • The first "Black Christmas" film in which Bob Clark was not involved in the production process, as Clark had died in 2007. Bob Clark had produced and directed the original Black Christmas (1974), and had been an executive producer on the remake of Black Christmas (2006).
  • Director Sophia Takal worked extensively to make this vision of "Black Christmas" as feminist as she could, stating in an interview, "I wanted to make a movie where instead of feeling objectified or watched from a distance, the audience felt seen." This resulted in further backlash, as Takal was accused of placing more importance on the agenda over plot.
  • The sorority house cat is named Claudette, a reference to Black Christmas (1974) having a cat named Claude. The cat was originally played by a male cat before the pet was gender swapped into a female, and the cat was returned to the shelter and replaced with a female one.
  • Full names of the Mu Kappa Epsilon sorority sisters can be seen on the list dropped by Mr. Gelson while stumbling upon Riley near the fraternity house: Riley Stone, Kris Waterson, Marty Coolidge, Jesse Bolton-Sinclair, Helena Rittenhouse, Fran Abrams, and Lindsay Helms from a different sorority. Also there's name "Mel Stevenson" in MKE section, but this character had never appeared on-screen.
  • This is the first "Black Christmas" movie not to be filmed in Canada. Instead the production was set in New Zealand.
  • The black goo that the fraternity brothers bleed is meant to represent literal toxic masculinity and how it affects men and changes them from humans into monsters. It was also used because they were not allowed to show red coloured blood in a PG-13 rated film.
  • Feminist critic Gloria Steinham was offered a cameo, but turned it down because there wasn't a completed script.
  • Sophia Takal originally pitched to Blumhouse a remake of I Spit on Your Grave (1978), a feminist revenge flick, but they couldn't obtain remake rights and she was instead offered the chance to remake Black Christmas (1974). Takal was looking forward to making this film more feminist than the original film was, as she perceived its ending to be "misogynistic".
  • Imogen Poots accepted the role without seeing a finished script first, as she was excited to be a part of a predominantly female filming crew.
  • At one point, a ring of keys is used as a weapon to fight off a killer, a reference to a feminist talking point about how women will resort to holding their keys in their hand as a weapon while walking alone at night.
  • Lindsay's death, where she is stabbed to death with an icicle piercing her heart, is a reference to the misogynistic murder of Betsy Aardsma, a Pennsylvania College student who was stabbed to death in the chest with a knife. Her murder remains unsolved.
  • The names of the leading characters, Riley, Marty, Kris, and Jesse, were intentionally picked for being unisex names. Lindsay though, was named after feminist critic Lindsey German.
  • The Christmas dance routine performed by the girls was meant to be a derogatory reference to Mean Girls (2005), a film Sophia Takal considers "misogynistic". While that film pits the girls against each other, this film is meant to reinforce their sisterhood.
  • The glass unicorn statue seen in the film doubles as both a reference to the original film and as a derogatory reference to Deadpool (2016), a film Sophia Takal considers "misogynistic".
  • The film had a short and rushed production schedule, being completed in only about 8-9 months. This all includes pre-production, production, and post-production. In fact, some scenes in the film were shot in only 1 take.
  • Riley's subplot about having been raped and no one but her friends believing her is a reference to the rape culture and campus rape narrative prevalent on college campuses. It also takes inspiration from the Brock Turner case.
  • Aside from taking place during Christmas, featuring a sorority, a supporting character named Jesse Bradford (in reference to Black Christmas (1974) protagonist Jessica Bradford) and the main characters being college students, this film shares no connection to any previous Black Christmas film in terms of plot.
  • Professor Gelson is inspired by Jordan B. Peterson, and is meant to be an unflattering parody of him. The character was also based on Brett Kavanaugh, who's trial inspired the film.
  • The address of the sorority house is 1974 Elm Road, both a reference to the year the original film came out and a reference to A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). John Saxon was in both films.
  • Sophia Takal is the first female director to be hired to work on a Blumhouse film.
  • Is one of the few slasher films in horror film history to be rated PG-13, other examples being Cry Wolf (2005), Prom Night (2008), The Final Girls (2015), Happy Death Day (2017), Happy Death Day 2U (2019), etc.


  • First "Black Christmas" film not to feature a killer named Billy.
  • BODY COUNT: 25+ (Lindsay, Fran, Jesse, Nate, Marty, Gil (campus security guard), 5 hooded killers on-screen, 1 hooded killer off-screen, Helena, Professor Gelson, Brian, Phil, at least 10-15 frat brothers)
  • There is a scene that rips off The Exorcist III (1990) and its garden shear scene when Fran is seen walking through several rooms looking for her cat in a long static shot before the killer suddenly runs out, the camera crash zooms ( which this film accomplished in post production editing ) and they start to strangle her from behind with Christmas lights before the scene cuts away.
  • Several scenes in the trailers were altered with CGI, solely for advertising purposes. Some scenes digitally included the killer, such as a version of the scene where Helena is brushing her teeth with the killer standing behind her (in the film, she is all alone), and a scene where the girls unmask the killer, only to find the college founder's head statue behind it. There is also a modified scene where Riley closes the door of Helena's room, only to reveal the killer standing behind it.
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