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  • Final shoot out is filmed at the same apartment complex as featured in Contraband (2012) featuring Mark Wahlberg.
  • Major League Baseball player, Mitch Moreland of the Boston Red Sox, has an uncredited role as a New Orleans police officer storming the apartment complex.
  • The shoulder patch on their police uniforms don't match New Orleans PD's shoulder patch.
  • The movie has a cast familiar with the super hero universe. Mike Colter and Frank Grillo are both stars in the MCU as Luke Cage and Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones. James Moses Black worked on Logan (2017). Nafessa Williams stars as Thunder on CW's Black Lightning (2018).


  • In the film's trailer and commercials, Terry Malone speaks a line that says Alicia West served "three tours in Afganistan." However, during the film he delivers the line that West served "two tours in Afganistan. "
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