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  • At about 55:00. the amount of whiskey in Malorie's (Sandra Bullock's) glass changes. Also, the color of the drink in her glass and in Doug's (John Malkovich's) is different even though Malkovich poured the drinks from the same bottle.
  • Although Malorie's (Sandra Bullock's) hair gets longer during the course of the film, Tom's (Trevante Rhodes') hair and beard stay the exact same length and shape over the five years the movie covers.
  • Malorie warns the kids about the dangers ahead just before the boat hits the rapids. Under the blanket, Girl's blindfold moves from her forehead to her neck, and back, between shots.
  • When Tom is kissing Malorie in the new house, his hands change positions from holding her chin to being around her neck between shots.
  • When Girl is tossed out of the boat in the rapids, the bird box is tied around her. It emerges intact, and the birds survive. The birds would most likely not survive being under water.
  • When Sandra Bullock's character cycles the pump-action shotgun, it makes the sound of empty shells hitting the floor, not the live rounds that would make a heavier thud.
  • In the beginning of the movie, only some people are able to see the demons while others don't see anything, even though they are looking in the exact same place. After Malorie gets into the house, however, everyone not wearing a blindfold is able to see the demons.
  • When Douglas shoots Gary with the shotgun, Gary says "Ouch" and then we hear the sound of Douglas struggling to rack the slide of the shotgun (an unlikely malfunction). This allows Gary to tackle Douglas. When Gary struggles with Tom, the shotgun functions immediately, and is not jammed.
  • In the river scenes, we know they are going downstream in the rowboat. However, there are scenes of her obviously rowing against the current. In other views, the boat drifts along on the current.
  • Cell phones, televisions, and communication systems stop working the first day Malorie enters the home, but the car's GPS works days later. Cell phones have a range of about 40 miles, and require towers. Televisions require either a physical landline or a local broadcast tower, either of which could lose power or be turned off. GPS uses satellites 12,000 miles above the earth, sending radio waves that cover the planet. Standalone GPS devices existed before the invention of smartphones. The satellites would need continuous control (currently from Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado, or Vandenberg Air Force Base in California) but it would likely be maintained as a priority by any working remnant of the US Air Force.
  • The garage door opener continues to operate long after the power has gone out. Also the turntable works when Gary turns it on; battery powered turntables do exist but are rare.
  • The eyes of people who become suicidal after seeing the supernatural force become darkened. The eyes of the woman in the hospital hallway banging her head on the glass are unchanged (at 10:07).
  • After Malorie and Jessica crash the car, Malorie gets out, looks at the blood on her hands, and walks to the house. In the next scene, her hands are clean.
  • When the two gray sedans make a loop at the end of the driveway, their tires squeal despite the driveway being gravel.
  • When Gary arrives in the kitchen, his blindfold is on the floor to his right just out of reach. It's in front of him in the next shot, then he picks it up off the floor from his right, without having to reach for it.
  • In the store, when someone starts knocking on the door to the loading bay, Douglas leaves the shotgun in his shopping cart. It's in his hands in the next shot.
  • At 36:20, Girl is on the right side of the boat and Boy is on the left. In the next scene they have switched places.
  • The tires of the two gray sedans squeal when making the loop at the end of the gravel driveway.
  • When Mallorie is climbing the bank after the rapids disaster, she grabs the bicycle bell. Moments later, Boy is ringing it.
  • When two injured characters are fighting over a pump-action shotgun, the scene cuts to Malorie listening to them from another room. Two gunshots follow, and the second is too soon after the first for the gun to have been pumped.
  • The people have a supply of electricity although most of humanity no longer exists. Depending on how it's generated, not much human intervention may be needed to generate power. The Hoover Dam can operate for up to 2 years without human intervention.
  • When the trio is reunited after Molly tumbles down a ravine, they are in a group hug, and Girl's blindfold is very loosely tied in the back-- almost ready to fall off. But when they the start to walk again, her blindfold is securely fastened.
  • The Jeep Grand Cherokee proximity sensors do not cover all sides of the vehicle, just front and rear. Also the only colors used on Grand Cherokees for proximity sensor screen is yellow and red, green is not used.
  • When they arrive back from the mall (51:56) and see the house from outside, there are newspapers plastered on the outside of windows on the 2nd floor, while the windows next to it have newspapers on the inside of the glass.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Malorie and her sister had been seeing reports on the news about mass suicides and chaos in other countries. Then later, Greg kills himself after seeing the entities on the home surveillance monitors, suggesting that a person can become afflicted even by seeing an image of the entities on video. If the entities could also be seen on video, anyone who'd been watching news coverage of the chaos would have been afflicted as well.
  • When Malorie and Olympia are about to give a birth Gary puts vinyl record on, to play Haydn's Piano Sonata (HOB. XVI: 32). However, the record label is Capitol, which not only never recorded or released this sonata, but is also the last label to use/show with piano music in general, the only pianist they ever had under contract was Leonard Pennario and that's all. Pennario did record one Haydn's sonata (of ~62 in total), but not this one.
  • Although Malorie's hair gets longer during the course of the film, Tom's hair and beard stay the exact same length and shape over the five years the movie covers.
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