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  • In the beginning when Bill and Ted are leaving class, the writing on the blackboard clearly says "Ghenghis Khan". A few seconds later it says "Genghis Khan".
  • When the historical dudes are filing into the phone booth at the end of the movie, you can see a trapdoor in the back open as they go through it.
  • There is a heinous number of most egregious anachronistic errors in the depiction of the famous historical dudes, their lives, their works, their time periods and the state of their hearing.
  • A podium appears and disappears between shots at the end of the movie.
  • People endlessly swap places in the ever-expanding phone booth. Sometimes they disappear altogether.
  • After the "gum and cans" repair done to the booth's antenna early in the film, some later shots of the booth show an undamaged antenna. This is most noticeable in the "Circuits of History" as well as the presentation at the end of the film.
  • As Bill and Ted are about to journey off from Ted's house for the first time, his dad's police car jumps between the driveway and sidewalk several times.
  • In the steady cam shot inside the jail, as the camera leads to Freud, just as the angle is about to change the boom mic drops in and out of the screen.
  • When the phone booth lands at the Circle K for the first time, you can see when the booth lands that the antenna on top of the phone booth falls off and then re-appears in the next scene.
  • In the saloon fight when Billy the Kid is caught cheating at cards, a prostitute swings in on a rope and takes a guy through a window with her. The rope she swings on disappears and re-appears a few times between shots.
  • When Rufus leaves in the phone booth (at Ted's house) and the empty booth drops down, Bill and Ted are right next to each other in close shots, but are 3 or 4 feet apart in the medium/long shots.
  • When the phone booth is first created we see it start to form, then we see a shot of Rufus' face with a complete booth reflected, then back to a shot of a still-forming booth.
  • When Bill and Ted pick up Genghis Khan in Outer Mongolia, it's the year 1209 as indicated on the screen. However, during the report, Bill says they picked him up in the year 1269; Genghis Khan died in 1227. In 1269 the Mongol Empire was ruled by Kublai Khan, Genghis' Grandson.
  • When Bill and Ted arrive in New Mexico, the phone booth lands in front of a Saguaro cactus, which does not grow naturally in New Mexico.
  • When Bill and Ted land in the future and they tell Billy and Socrates to stay put, Socrates nods in understanding. However, in Greece nodding means no and shaking one's head means yes.
  • During the water slide sequence, Napoleon appears to be wearing modern underwear underneath his historical undergarments. He could have somehow acquired these undergarments during his time in 1988 San Dimas.
  • During their report, Bill and Ted say that Joan of Arc drove the English out of France and had the Dauphin crowned by the time she was 17. Joan was 17 when she began her career and had the Dauphin crowned, but the English were not driven out until 1453, the year France won The Hundred Years' War.
  • When we see the phone booth being formed and there is a reflection of it in Rufus' glasses, we can see that the "reflection" is just a photo of the booth as the text at the top of the booth is NOT reversed.
  • When Abraham Lincoln gets in to the booth for the first time, his hat falls off outside. But in later scenes, he still has his hat.
  • Napoleon looks at and tries ice cream as if he's never seen such a food. In reality, ice cream had been around for generations prior to Napoléon Bonaparte's lifetime. Catherine de Medici introduced the French to ice cream when she married the future King Henri II over 250 years prior to Napoleon's reign. Being a dessert of the elite, Napoleon more than likely had ice cream before his time travel to San Dimas.
  • When Bill and Ted tell Socrates in his original time, 410 B.C., that they're dust in the wind, Socrates says, "Yes! Like the sands of the hourglass!" Although the joke is that he's unknowingly quoting the opening of Days of Our Lives (1965), the hourglass was first introduced in Europe in the 8th century A.D.
  • There were no humans, or reasonably similar creatures, in California in 1,000,000 B.C.
  • Bill and Ted introduce Rufus to themselves - Rufus never tells them his name.
  • When Napoleon is stuck in the tree, he disappears when the camera angle changes to an aerial view of Bill and Ted.
  • When they time-travel away from "1,000,000 B.C.", Bill is on the left inside the phone booth and Ted is on the right. When the camera switches away, then back, they've changed sides.
  • When Bill and Ted get Beethoven in 1810, he's playing a Steinway piano, invented in 1853.
  • When Bill reads the assignment to Ted, he says, "Express to the class how an important historical figure from each of your time periods would view the world of San Dimas, 1988." His lips are actually saying, "San Dimas, 1987". (The "1988" was dubbed later because of a delay in the movie's release.)
  • When Bill & Ted first see the castle that contains the princesses, you can see a lightning rod on the castle. Lightning rods were not invented until 1749 by Benjamin Franklin.
  • Beethoven is picked up by the dudes in 1810. By that year, the real Ludwig van Beethoven was almost completely deaf. Yet Beethoven responds to characters' spoken words, musical notes, and other aural cues at several points during the film.
  • When the dudes pick up Socrates in 410 BC, the buildings of Athens are stark white. Although surviving ancient Greek buildings are known for this complexion, in their heyday they were painted in bright multicolor.
  • A 15th-century commander speaks of executing prisoners in the Iron Maiden - which, as the joke, is misunderstood by Bill and Ted to mean Iron Maiden. This instrument of torture was invented in 1793. Ironically, it was built specifically for the purpose of being a decoration in a house-of-horrors carnival, rather than for actually harming anyone.
  • When Bill and Ted are sitting outside the Circle K and seemingly see the phone booth land, all Ted does is ask about the Mongolians. In reality anyone seeing a flying booth land near them would be panicked or at least astonished.
  • In the music credits, Glen Burtnik's last name is misspelled as "Burtnick."
  • When future Bill & Ted are at The Circle K with Rufus, Ted reminds his past self much sooner than the actual conversation that is seen later.
  • in the final presentation, Ted describes the setting where the dudes met the the princesses as resembling the cover of the Led Zeppelin album 'Houses of the Holy' however, the olde English setting he is referring to looks almost identical to the album cover for 'Led Zeppelin IV'


  • When Socrates pushes a medieval knight off the horse-drawn wagon during the escape to the phone booth, it's quite obviously a stunt double, most notably by the man's face.
  • At the beginning of the presentation, Billy the Kid shoots out a light with his gun, despite having just been broken out of jail, where the police would have undoubtedly taken his gun. However, the presentation includes a couch for Freud Dude, swords for Miss of Arc, keyboards for Beethoven, a halberd for Genghis Khan, and battle maps/pieces for Napoleon, so it's safe to assume that future Bill and Ted got Billy a gun for the presentation when they came back to set everything up.
  • After finishing their History Presentation and returning all the Historical Figures to their own time periods, Bill and Ted are back in the garage filming a rock video and the Time Machine is shown standing outside the garage door. Minutes later there is a flash and Rufus arrives with the Princesses in his own Time Machine, but when the garage door is opened there is only one Phone Booth standing there when there should be two.
  • When Bill and Ted are at the Circle K and the phone booth lands with their future selves in it, you hear Bill say "Aw, I hate that part" just as they land in the booth. When we see them land at the Circle K to talk to their past selves at the end, Bill doesn't say that.
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