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  • Based on a true story of one man rising up in a nation of corrupt merchants, leaders, charlatans and poets and preaching justice, equality and the notion of one community under one God. A man who inspired many like Bilal that no one is superior to you and many like the Lord of Merchants to free bonded slaves.
  • This is the second computer-animated feature to be giving a PG-13 rating. The first being "9" (2009).
  • The Falcon rig setup was the most complex rig in the movie. Both wings has a total of over 300 controls to animate for features only to get realistic movement causing by wind and wings movement. Barajoun wrote several customized script for Falcon i.e. fold/unfold the wings.
  • Each Falcon shot acquired more than 5TB of space because of dense caches. Creating Falcon was technically challenging and particularly his fighting with Snake along in desert. One scene took more than 10 months to create to get hyper realistic result.
  • Every horse in the movie comprises of more than 2 million hair stands which takes it more than 4 hours just to render single frame! Over 1,000 custom controls (along with skeleton and muscles) were added to the horse rig in order to achieve the required level of realism.
  • The animation and FX team studied horses over a span of 6 months so that they were well prepared to animate these magnificent animals. It took them nearly 2 years to develop the complex fur, rig and animation of all animals in the movie.
  • Cast and production team are from 20 different countries.
  • In the historic Battle of Badr scene, there was 5000 Characters and 1000 horses. Numerous patterns and shaders were developed to give individuality to every horse in the film. The battle (only) took more than 1,000,000 hours of processor activity, 300,000 of man-hours and 100,000 GB of storage.
  • The historic Battle of Badr is the longest battle scene to be constructed in an animated feature film ever. Depicting armies upon armies battling over a running time of 11 minutes.
  • In the major battle scene, the number of Meccans was three times as the Muslims. 1000 against barely over 300 and 200 horses against 70.
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