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Nian finds her life at a standstill when faced by relentless bullying from her peers as she prepares for her college entrance exam. Fate brings her together with small-time criminal Bei, but before they can retreat into a world of their own, both are dragged into the middle of a murder investigation that will change their lives forever. In this dramatic thriller, Derek Kwok-Cheung Tsang paints a bleak picture of an oppressive society, in the guise of a gripping fairy-tale love story, exposing the dark world of bullying and societal pressures of achievement facing today’s youth.


  • Dongyu Zhou
  • Jackson Yee
  • Fang Yin
  • Jue Huang
  • Lüyun Heliao
  • Ran Liu
  • Junlin Luo
  • Yue Wu
  • Xinyi Zhang
  • Yao Zhang

Did You Know?


  • The film was selected to have its world premiere at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival, held from 7 to 17 February 2019, where it was to be played as part of the Generation 14plus program. However, it was announced shortly before the start of the festival, on 4 February 2019, that all four screenings had to be canceled. No particular reason was given, so it is possible that the full movie was not ready in time. The cancellation allowed the festival to instead program additional screenings of "37 Seconds (2019)", "Reconstructing Utøya (2018)" and two award-winners from that year's the Generation 14plus program.
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Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

I heard that it was a good movie, but had my doubts. After watching, I can say that it is amazing crafted movie. The structure and cinematography enhanced the story and the acting was superb. If you enjoy realistic dramas that tackle tough issues, I recommend it.

Rachel M
Verified Review

great film, dark but good story and deep. music is great too

Stanley M