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  • The character Léa Seydoux played in The Grand Budapest Hotel is called Clotilde, as is one of Belle's sisters in this film.
  • Perduras is a new character that was created for this movie only.
  • Contrary to popular belief, there are no creatures or living objects in the Beast's castle in the original tale. This was made popular by Disney's animated movie.
  • In the tale, Belle's father spends the night in the castle to rest and leaves in the morning, whereas he leaves immediately after having dinner in this movie. Furthermore, he begs the Beast for forgiveness after taking the rose and promises to come back in the original story. Here, he defies the Beast, forcing it to threaten his family.
  • Contrary to this movie, Belle's sisters don't show any remorse in the tale when their father tells them about the Beast's threat, but they immediately say this is Belle's fault for asking for a rose.


  • The film's countries of origin are France and Germany. The primary languages of the film are French and English. The original Grimm fairytale of Beauty and the Beast as well as Cinderella are based on a collection of French folktales. This version is closer to the original tale with the Father being a merchant, the Beauty being humble while her sisters are ugly snobs, and the Beast requests one of the daughters to go freely to him in the father's place.
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