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  • When Summer drops her cell phone in the morgue freezer, in the next scene it's in the bad guys hands as he's running away.
  • When Mitch throws the bad guy off balcony with a pail on his head, you can see it falling off as he falls. But when he lands in the water it is back firmly on the bad guys head again.
  • When Summer is going for qualifiers, her googles are on her head, but is then wearing them before she enters the water.
  • At the end of the movie when they are sitting on the patio several shots show a man sitting in a folding chair. He then disappears and reappears between camera angle changes.
  • The first time he takes off his shirt, Ronnie has a comically strange chest hair pattern. However, for the rest of the film, his chest is completely hairless.
  • When Mitch meets Matt, he has no idea who he is. But later he says he watched Matt on TV when he won his Olympic medals.
  • In the morgue scene, Summer can be seen first wearing doctor's coat , then removing it, then coat it's on again, whenever the camera cuts back to her or her reflection.
  • They mention a scenario of manta rays flying out of the water stinging people in the chest and subsequently make a joke about Steve Irwin's death. Manta rays are completely harmless and don't have hard, pointed barbs; stingrays do and Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray, not a manta ray.
  • At the start, there is a camera moveover just before Ronnie is making fun of because of the chesthair. The sign is readable for the camera and therefore reversed for the people it's supposed to be readable for.
  • After the gauntlet Mitch and the others run off to save someone drowning. Brody runs after them and 'commandeers' a bike. He is shirtless. Next image is Brody overtaking CJ an Stephany on the bike wearing his tshirt.
  • In the parkchase Summer shows up to stop the bad guy on the bike. She is holding a lifeguard floatation device out of nowhere. They did not have it on them walking in 'undercover'.
  • When Brody is holding out the milkshake for Ellerbee, there is a cover over the straw, however when Ellerbee takes the drink, the cover has disappeared.
  • When Brody checks the lockers at the seafood supplier, he first opens the first and second. Then he moves to open the second and third. But after the close up we see he now has the fourth locker open. Not the third.
  • When Ronnie gets the carrot stuck in his throat and is "choking" (at 11:39), his buddy Dave yells to CJ that Ronnie is choking. Ronnie responds (in a raspy voice), "No, not CJ, Not CJ. No, no!". CJ runs up and says "Are you OK? You're choking." and performs the Heimlich maneuver on him immediately. When someone is choking, the first thing a trained responder does is to ask the person if they can talk, and see if they get a response. If they do, that means air is able to move through the trachea to some degree, and it allows the responder to decide on an appropriate course of action (have the victim try to expel it by forceful coughing, providing back blows, or if the Heimlich Maneuver is appropriate). One would never just start with the Heimlich, especially if you could hear the person speaking, as CJ could when she ran up.
  • Early in the film, when Mitch (Johnson) talks to Matt (Efron) on the beach while he's sitting and drinking, there's a closeup of Mitch's face where a cameraman is reflected on his shades. It's so detailed that the viewer can see the towel under the crew guy and the sea behind him.
  • When Mitch is talking to Brodie after being selected as a trainee, the camera goes back and forth to get either of the actors reaction. When focused on Dwayne, Zac's hair is messy. When focusing on Zac, Zac's hair is gelled back.
  • When Mitch Buchannon, Mat Brody, and Victoria Leeds pursue the thugs out of the hospital, they almost immediately enter the park and within seconds arrive at the beach. Memorial Hospital is nearly 3 miles southwest of Forsyth Park. Tybee Island is another 18 miles east of Forsyth Park. It would have taken Buchannon and the thugs almost seven hours to run from the hospital to the park and then the beach.
  • When hiding in the hospital morgue drawers, Mitch states that formaldehyde melts fat and the liquefied fat was dripping on Brody's face. However the bodies in hospital morgues are only refrigerated before autopsies are done, never embalmed, so there would not be any formaldehyde in the tissues. Embalming would only be done later at a funeral home.
  • When Summer lifts up her shirt, to distract the guy biking towards her, her bra is white with a blue floral patterns. When the screen cuts back to her, the bra has magically changed. It is clearly a gray bra now.
  • When the cage with Matt Brody gets to the bottom, there's a scene of the boat sailing away. The scene is reversed, because the navigation lights are on the wrong side of the ship. Red light should be on the port (left) side and green light should be on the starboard (right) side.
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