Basic Instinct

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A violent police detective investigates a brutal murder that might involve a manipulative and seductive novelist.


  • Michael Douglas
  • Sharon Stone
  • George Dzundza
  • Jeanne Tripplehorn
  • Denis Arndt
  • Leilani Sarelle
  • Bruce A. Young
  • Chelcie Ross
  • Dorothy Malone
  • Wayne Knight

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Bad politics sometimes makes for good movies, and the harsh, politically incorrect truth about Basic Instinct is that it's a tantalizing, suspensefully correct thriller.

Metacritic review by Jay Boyar
Jay Boyar
Orlando Sentinel

Overpublicized and underbrained,Basic Instinct is a bitter disappointment, worth maybe a 10th of the hype that the media have so obligingly ladled out for its benefit.

Metacritic review by Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter
Baltimore Sun

Basic Instinct's characters lack psychology and therefore motive. Admittedly they possess pathology, but that's not enough to maintain suspense in a movie with plot holes big enough to drive a tank through.

Metacritic review by Carrie Rickey
Carrie Rickey
Philadelphia Inquirer