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  • The soldiers at the end are using M16 rifles, although they were not adopted by the U.S. Military until 1962.
  • The passenger train that passes Kit and Holly on the trestle is pulling Amtrak cars. Amtrak was not established until 1971, and this film takes place in 1959.
  • Car tires screech during the car chase at the end, even though they're on dust roads and sand.
  • A camera shadows falls on Kit's back when father and Holly find Kit in the house.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Kit meets Holly after a long day as a garbage man and his white t-shirt is spotless. Kit then asks Holly to take a walk with him, at which point the t-shirt is magically dirty!
  • Although the film takes place in the late 1950's, there is a modern Ford car dealer's sign visible in one shot.
  • In a voice-over near the Montana - South Dakota border, Holly says " the very edge of the horizon we could make out the gas fires of the refinery at Missoula, whilst to the south we could see the lights of Cheyenne, a city bigger and grander than I'd ever seen." From anywhere along the border, Missoula would be over 600 miles to the west, and Cheyenne would be some 300 miles to the south; nothing short of a satellite view would allow you to see both at the same time.
  • At one point, Mr Sargis is painting a sign whilst talking to Kit. As the scene progresses, the area he's working on becomes painted .. then unpainted .. then painted again.
  • For the last two lines in the discussion about the fudgecicle, the actors lips do not move.
  • When Kit records his confession on a record, he places coins in the machine and then flips the switch from 78 rpm to 45 rpm. The instructions above the switch clearly say "Before Inserting Coins Select Recording Speed." If he were following directions, he would have flipped the switch, then inserted the coins.
  • In the airport scene at the end, many of the troops are armed with M-14 and M-16 rifles (as indicated by the flash suppressors). Whilst these weapons would be contemporary with the filming, they are much later than the film's time frame (late 1950's).
  • In one of her voice-overs, Holly refers to the "mountains of Saskatchewan". There are no mountains in Saskatchewan, although there is a Mt. Saskatchewan in the Rockies.
  • Soldiers at the end are wearing fatigues consistent with the mid-1970's when the film was made, with subdued pin-on enlisted rank insignia on their collars (including a very visible Specialist 4th Class in the front), and subdued name and U.S. Army tapes (black lettering on olive drab fabric tape) above their breast pockets. In the 1950's, enlisted ranks were worn full size on their sleeves, unsubdued yellow on OD green (same as for their class-A green uniform), the U.S. Army tape above the left breast pocket would have been yellow on black fabric tape, and the name tape above the right breast pocket would have been black lettering on white fabric tape.
  • Kit and Holly stand near the railway track and their shadows fall at right angles across the rails. Moments later, when he spins the bottle, their shadows fall (almost) in line with the track. See the shadow of the hut as Kit walks past it.
  • Kit pulls into a gas station, asks the guy to fill the gas tank of the car, then pulls Holly's suitcase from the trunk. Between his arrival and his emptying the suitcase, the shadows have moved significantly. See the shadow on the green door of the (workshop?).
  • Around 1:09:15 after Kit says "Forget it, it don't matter" a crew member can be seen at the right side of the screen.
  • Whilst Mr. Sargis is painting the billboard, his cigarette gets longer between. shots, instead of shorter.
  • The piano keyboard and music sheets are soaked in gasoline, but they're still intact when the fire is shown.
  • Whilst driving in the dark and discussing working at a mine in the north: When Kit says "I don't mind working in the cold." ... She takes the cigarette out of her mouth twice as the cameras change.
  • The rich man's maid is deaf. Why does he have a bell to ring for her?
  • Just before Kit tells Holly her father is dead, his eyes move slightly.
  • Holly says that Kit sent is vow off in a [helium filled] balloon that "he found while on the garbage route." This scene takes place well after the time when Kit was fired from the garbage route. Any gas filled balloon he'd found then would have long since deflated.


  • Duct tape to hold the blood pack and charge is clearly visible, just before Cato falls down after being shot by Kit. Some of the duct tape is attached to the actor's jeans.
  • At the end, when Kit surrenders, he raises his hands straight up at first, but three seconds later they are slightly risen and bent over his head. After another two seconds, they are back to their initial position. During this sequence, the distance between him and the Cadillac changes as well.
  • At Kit's arrest, the back pockets of his jeans appear to be empty. However, as he walks towards the cops' car something white appears in the rear left pocket of his jeans.
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