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  • When Amy talks to Gwen after the PTA election, Gwen cries in the car. Her driver's side window is partially up in one shot, and all the way down in the next shot.
  • In the family therapist's office, the Galileo thermometer behind the therapist keeps showing different temperatures between cuts. One of the colored globes keeps changing positions.
  • At the supermarket, Carla pours a gallon of milk on her face, chest, and jeans. In the next scene, at the check out, her clothes are clean and dry.
  • While set in Chicago, all of the film's exterior scenes were clearly filmed in New Orleans, as evidenced by numerous unique street signs, streets, buildings (mostly in the Garden District and Warehouse District), and landscape.
  • During Amy's frantic minivan driving montage, a Jeep is seen parked alongside the curb with the "Jeep" word logo on the rear of the vehicle reversed as though viewed through a mirror.
  • When the kids are leaving the house to stay with dad at The Waldorf, Dylan (the son) is carrying a blue bag in his right hand as he leaves the house. As the angle changes to a view from behind, he is now carrying the bag in his left hand.
  • When Amy and Jane are looking at the soccer list to see if Jane made the team, it has her age listed as 9. Moments later when Jane says that making the team will look good on college applications, Amy reminds Jane that she's only 12.
  • Though the time frame of the story isn't specified, judging by the green leaves on the trees in Chicago and the fact that it's middle school soccer season, it must be around September, but just before the PTA meeting starts at 5pm, the sky outside is shown as totally dark. The sun doesn't set early enough in Chicago to make it dark by 5pm until after the end of daylight savings, which is the first Sunday of November.
  • When Amy's kids are leaving with her husband to the hotel, the front door is seen behind her open, in the next shot when she walks in to her house we see her (from inside) opening the door to come inside.
  • While the film is obviously a comedy and fictional, in real life No PTA meeting among mothers especially on school campus would tolerate the F-Bomb or suggested sexual and or drug use being dropped as much as what was portrayed in this film. In fact, anything including the binge drinking connected to any school sponsored event would have met with dire sanctions. This holds true to the Amy's job as well with the F-Bomb being dropped all over the place as it creates a hostile work environment for those females or even males who find the cursing or sexual remarks offensive among mixed company. No corporate manager would allow it.
  • The coffee cup in Amy's hand changes from her left hand to her right hand and back again, and her arms also change positions, when her son is making the breakfast in the kitchen.
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