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  • (at around 29 mins) After all the Avengers have tried to lift Thor's hammer, Thor picks it up with a drink in his hand. In the next shot the drink is on the table.
  • (at around 1h 9 mins) Tony's watch said that it was 12.10 when he axed the logs outside. Then the watch changes into 11.20 when he talked with Fury inside the barn.
  • (at around 1h 22 mins) During Captain America and Ultron's battle, when Natasha/Black Widow is riding a motorbike, it is obvious that it's a stunt double. This is due to the fact that any time we see her from the front, when the bike is supposed to be moving, her hair isn't.
  • During the final battle, Hawkeye's clothes change back and forth - his coat on/off between shots.
  • (at around 1h 26 mins) When Scarlet Witch is telling Captain America that "Ultron can't tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it" her head tilts unnaturally from left to right between shots.
  • (at around 1h 50 mins) When Thor says, "I'm running out of things to say," it appears he is saying different words.
  • (at around 1h 35 mins) Before the final assault on Sokovia, Quicksilver runs into the police station and exclaims, "We're under attack, clear the city!" However, when he sprints out, you can see the heads of the two policemen sitting behind the counter turn very quickly to follow him, indicating that the clip was sped up and the actors turned their heads in normal time.
  • (at around 1h 3 mins) When Hawkeye and Laura are in the farmhouse bedroom, talking about the Avengers needing him, Laura's reflection is visible on the framed picture closer to the viewer. Yet, the angle is impossible, revealing it was edited there, possibly to cover an unwanted cameraman or equipment in the reflection.
  • When the Avengers face Ultron at the core as the drones attack, the Vision disappears then reappears between shots.
  • (at around 43 mins) When confronted by the twins, Ulysses Klaue says that he is afraid of "Cuttlefish. "Deep sea fish, they make lights, disco lights to hypnotize their prey...." Although cuttlefish do go to depths of 2000ft, they stay mostly in shallow water where they hunt crabs and fish using camouflage to sneak up on their prey before paralyzing them with venom.
  • (at around 1h 9 mins) When Laura asks Tony to fix the tractor, Clint is seen picking up his son and moving. During the next scene when Tony walks off towards the barn, Clint is shown picking up his son again.
  • As Sokovia is rising to over 18,000 feet, the temperature would have been dropping about 5.4 degrees (F) per thousand feet. The temperature would have dropped below zero, yet no one's breath is seen and no one is acting cold.
  • (at around 28 mins) Mjölnir shifts very slightly as Steve Rogers (Captain America) first tries to pick it up. He should not be able to move it at all. Actually, the Mjölnir shifts very slightly as to signify that Captain America is the most worthy of all the Avengers to use it albeit not enough. As a matter of fact we see Thor's first expression of fear when the hammer shifts and his subsequent expression of relief when the Captain fails to lift the Mjölnir.
  • (at around 39 mins) When the twins are describing the events that caused their parent's deaths, and their subsequent rescue, they mention that the bomb was only a few feet from themselves, yet people in all other (non USA) countries would relay that information in metric units, aka "only a meter away". Actually, this is incorrect as people in the UK would also refer to this in feet, not all non-US countries use a metric system. However, Eastern Europe (where Sokovia is set) mainly uses metric system.
  • Dropping a lump of rock the size of a small city from a great height (even when assisted by the thrusters that were used to raise it up) would not nearly have as big an impact as that of a meteor from outer space. Meteors get their high energy on impact from their high speed (usually around 17 km/s). A lump of rock dropped from 20,000 feet and assisted by thrusters would not go faster than about 0.5 km/s. The energy of the impact would be 1100 times less than that of a meteor of the same mass.
  • (at around 1h 21 mins) When Captain America is hanging onto the front of the truck while fighting Ultron, the driving robot smashes through the windshield. Captain America swings himself around the truck and the actor's harness can be seen momentarily.
  • When Sokovia rises it is over land in the mountains. During the fight scene it is suddenly over a large body of water. When it crashes it is back over land again.
  • Despite Sokovia being elevated to nearly twice as high as limit where oxygen is required to assist in normal breathing, no one during any aspect of the film mentions this or is shown being affected by it. People continue to run and fight as they would if the city itself was at its "normal" altitude.
  • (at around 30 mins) During the after party battle in the Avengers building, several of the non-powered Avengers (War Machine, Iron Man and Hawkeye) are shown undergoing impact that should have either severely injured or killed them. War Machine (Rhodes) is shown being thrown through a plate glass 15-20 feet away and then falling an additional 20-30 to a concrete deck below. Iron Man (Tony Stark) is shown landing on a concrete staircase in manner that demonstrated he didn't prepare for the fall beforehand. Both should have been seriously injured or even killed from their impacts and yet later are shown only having lacerations and bruises to show for their troubles.
  • At the party, when Hill does her fake "testosterone!" cough, her hand jumps to her mouth a little too quickly and the height she holds her drink changes between shots.
  • Around 1:20, when Captain America and Ultron are fighting on the truck, C.A. is thrown to the truck front. He spins around the windshield toward the drivers side door. In slow motion, what appears to be an arrow is sticking out of his chest is actually the harness that allows him to perform this feat.


  • When Stark scans the thrusters lifting the city during the final battle, his HUD shows a "THURST SCAN" - this is spelled incorrectly, and should read "THRUST SCAN"
  • Thor incorrectly states the mind stone is the fourth of the infinity stones to show up in recent years. The mind stone first appeared in Loki's scepter during 2012's The Avengers, thus making it the second stone to turn up. However at time it was not known that Loki's scepter contained the Mind Stone. Only the Tesseract, Aether and Power Stone were discovered. It's only after Thor has his Vision that he discovers the jewel in the scepter contained an infinity stone so he is correct when he states it's the fourth stone to appear.
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