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    • Asami Yamazaki: Words create lies. Pain can be trusted.
    • Asami Yamazaki: Kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri!
    • Yasuhisa Yoshikawa: Happy people cannot act !
    • Asami Yamazaki: This wire can cut through meat and bone easily.
    • [while pushing needles into the space under Shigeharu's eyelids]
    • Asami Yamazaki: Deeper. Deeper.
    • Asami Yamazaki: This wire can cut flesh and bones easily.
    • Old man in wheelchair: You're wonderful.
    • Asami Yamazaki: I never felt unhappy... Because I have been unhappy all the time.
    • Asami Yamazaki: I thought you were a busy man, I don't know what you do very well. You may think I am desperate... I was longing for your call. I didn't think I would see you again. Sorry, I'm pretty excited. Living alone was a hassle, I have nobody to talk to. You are the first one... Who is really warmhearted and tries to accept me and tries to understand who I really am.
    • Shigeharu Aoyama: It's hard to overcome that experience, but, someday you'll feel that life is wonderful. That's life, isn't it?
    • Asami Yamazaki: Only pain and suffering will make you realize who you are.
    • Asami Yamazaki: I've never had anyone to talk to. You were the first person to support me. Warmly accepting me, trying to understand me. I'm sorry, but it's hard to forget that.
    • Shigeharu Aoyama: I wish there was a very nice woman hiding somewhere.
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