Assassination Nation

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Part horror, part satire, part throwback teen flick and part topical modern commentary - Assassination Nation is juggling a LOT. And yet at heart this button-pushing indie darling from writer/director Sam Levinson is a simple story about a town spiraling into violence and madness. When a data hack lays everyone’s digital secrets bare, their online selves come crashing down onto their offline reality – and obviously the only solution is to rally some crazy murder posses for an all-out witch hunt to find the culprit. Caught in the center are a group of teenager party girls who must band together if they want to survive the onslaught. The film stars Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse, Hari Nef, Abra, Bella Thorne, Bill Skarsgård and Joel McHale.


  • Odessa Young
  • Abra
  • Suki Waterhouse
  • Hari Nef
  • Colman Domingo
  • Danny Ramirez
  • Joel McHale
  • Maude Apatow
  • Cody Christian
  • Bill Skarsgård

Did You Know?


  • The town in the film is named Salem. There are many parallels between the hysteria during Salem Witch Trials and the events in this film.
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    • Rebecca Coulson: There are boundaries, Lily, between a father and a daughter. You may not believe that, but there are.
    • Rebecca Coulson: Lily, I am not going to sit here and listen to you defend a child molester!
    • Lily: But that's my point! He's not a child molester. He is a victim in this, just like his daughter.
    • Lawrence: Lily, you like to debate, and I respect that. You wanna play devil's advocate, you're smart, but you don't know the first thing about this world, sweetheart. And you call us prudes, old-fashioned, but I'm gonna tell you something. I've been on this earth 45 years and if there's one thing I know, men will be men, girls will be girls, and until you can protect yourself, I'm gonna do that for you.
    • Lawrence: Absolutely. I was never comfortable seeing you naked after you were two.
    • Lily: Why?
    • Lawrence: You're my daughter. That a good enough reason?
    • Lily: But that's exactly what I mean. I'm your daughter. Why would you be weirded out?
    • Lawrence: Lily, that's enough.
    • Lily: All I'm trying to say is that nudity isn't inherently sexual. And it's the same thing with these photos. They're not sexual. It's you guys that are making them sexual. Just because a young girl is naked doesn't mean they're sexual or creepy or pervy and it doesn't make him a child molester.
    • Rebecca Coulson: Lily, give me a break.
    • Lily: Mom, there's a naked photo of me on the mantelpiece at two years old. Do you think that is child pornography?
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Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

A giant middle finger to the patriarchy, f**kboys, and our current White House administration, this movie was bold, brazen, unfiltered, and unnerving in the best way. AN ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE!!!

Marc A
Verified Review

For teens

abram B


Sep 20, 2018

From the get-go, Levinson makes every wrongheaded directorial decision imaginable in an apparent effort to make one loathe Assassination Nation—and his success in that regard proves this teensploitation schlock’s lone triumph.

Nick Schager
Film Journal International

Energetically lurid, gratuitously violent and a hell of a lot of fun, horror-satire Assassination Nation is a throwback to black-comedy teen flicks of yore, but with a bitingly timely feel.

Metacritic review by Leslie Felperin
Leslie Felperin
The Hollywood Reporter

The “social commentary” feels exactly as derivative as the rest of the film, like someone artlessly smushing together imagery they’ve seen, a sort of uncanny Muzak of hip provocation written by a less coherent Bret Easton Ellis.

Vince Mancini