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  • There is no truth to the rumour that Nicole tried to get Jason to wear Aussie budgie smugglers...
  • At the start of the movie, when Tom (Curry) is taking care of Atlanna he uses a bandage over her suit, this would do nothing. The bandage has to be on her skin.
  • At the climax of one of the fights between Arthur and Orm, the crowd celebrates looking down while both fighters are above them.
  • Although treated many times as the "rightful king" for being the queen's first born, Aquaman had absolutely no claim to the throne of Atlantis, since he is not the king's son. Instead, he is the product of the queen (by marriage) cheating on the king and mating with an outsider.
  • Queen Atlanna's trident isn't really a trident because it has five tines. By definition a "tri"dent only has three tines.
  • In the 1985 segment of the movie, when discussing names for the baby, Tom suggests "Arthur" after hearing about the current hurricane Arthur on the radio. In 1985 the "A" named hurricane was Ana, in 1986 it was Andrew. Arthur wasn't used as a storm name until 2014. But that is in our universe. In the DC Extended Universe, where history is not quite the same as ours, apparently the hurricane was named Arthur.
  • There were no black frog men in the OSS during WW2.
  • When the Atlantean Soldiers come for Atlanna, when Arthur is three, she hands Arthur to his father. Arthur's hair goes from being short and curly to long and nearly straight then back to short and curly in the span of less than 10 seconds.
  • When Mera and Arthur are listening to the King's message, Mera has her hair straightened, and during the conversation it suddenly appears curled.
  • In Justice League, Aquaman tells Mera that his mother left him on his dad's doorstep and left. In this film, it is shown that during his teenage years, he is aware that his mother went back to Atlantis to protect him. Both Arthur and his father has said their goodbyes to her and watched her leave into the ocean. However what Aquaman said was more or less of figure of speech to Mera. As she had to leave him and his father behind for their safety hence he's held a grudge since she never returned.
  • The trident of Atlan was said to have been "forged" with steel from Poseidon, but we see it being "cast" not forged.
  • As Arthur and Mera are sailing away from Sicily, much of their dialogue shows them at the stern of the boat, with the boat's wake and the setting sun behind them. The final shot of the sequence, from behind the boat, shows it sailing forward towards the setting sun. The sun (or the boat) has changed location by 180 degrees.
  • If Arthur is impervious to "land made" metals, how did he get the scar above his left eye or, for that matter, get tattooed? During his youth Arthur was being trained by Vulko and was probably the one who provided the Atlantean metal to give Arthur his first tattoo. While the scar is the actor Jason Momoa's actual scar from previous incident. Arthur could've received the scar from another Atlantean metal during his training.
  • Submarines do not make bubbles from the propellers. Doing so make loud popping noises which enemy subs can easily hear thus know where you are.
  • When the shark hits the aquarium window the second time, the window starts to burst. However, when all the fish gather together, the window is perfect again.
  • When Aquaman raises submarine above water, it should sink immediately due to submarines' diving/ surfacing technologies.
  • When Arthur's class visits the aquarium, a great white shark rams the glass in an attempt to defend Arthur. No aquarium has great white sharks as they quickly die in captivity due to multiple insufficiencies in the artificial environments. In fact, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is the only aquarium that has successfully kept a great white shark alive longer than sixteen days - and even then they only lasted a few months.
  • During the flight over the desert, Aquaman and Mera appear in a DHC-4 or Caribou. In the real aircraft, the cockpit is above the cargo floor level; the pilot wouldn't be able to see his passengers the way it is shown in the movie. Also, the cockpit is much smaller than depicted in the movie.
  • Mera has the ability to control water, so when attacked in the town, why not control the water in the suits to rip them apart?
  • When Arthur and Mera are fleeing Atlantis Arthur yells "Bogies on our 6" meaning hostiles behind them. The term for a confirmed hostile aircraft is "Bandit", "Bogey" is the term for an unknown aircraft, one that is shooting at you is definitely hostile.
  • When the Russian submarine is hijacked the pirate craft moors itself near the bow, presumably over or very close to the forward escape hatch. The majority of the submarine crew block themselves into the torpedo room, which is directly under the forward escape hatch. The pirates would have needed to go through the torpedo room to reach the command center.
  • The hijacked Russian submarine appears to be an Akula class. This class has 8 torpedo tubes but fires at least 9. Reloading torpedoes takes several minutes.
  • In the very first scene, as the storm batters the coast, lighthouse keeper Tom Curry is securing a window shutter so it stays open. If anything, he should've been making sure all the shutters were shut to protect the windows from the forces of the storm.
  • Upon arriving in Sicily, Mera (who presumably has little experience on land) thinks flowers are for eating--yet somehow knows the custom of throwing coins into a wishing well.
  • Black Manta is paid for his services and the soldier drop the satchel with gold through the projection in front of him. Next shot the gold is behind him while he never stepped forward.
  • Aquaman wakes up on the boat from Sicily with seaweed for bandages, he walks up to Mera and is suddenly wearing a shirt.
  • Black Manta's plasma weapon could blow up a rock formation and melt steel but Arthur's clothes are intact after taking a direct hit from it.
  • The propeller of the submarine is shown as generating a massive amount of bubbles, or cavitation. Submarine propellers are specifically designed to avoid this as much as possible because it creates sound that can easily be detected by hydrophones.
  • The movie shows the characters meeting in shipwreck which has the regular, "fishtank" look: greenish wood covered in barnacles, complete hulls and masts and ragged sails. While look good, wooden ships do not preserve well underwater. Any wrecks of sailing ships would be a bit more than rotten timber strewn in the sea floor, nothing remotely resembling a ship anymore.
  • During the submarine fight scene, Jesse fires a 40mm grenade at Aquaman. The barrel of the launcher is rifled, imparting spin to the grenade for stability and arming. The action is in slow motion and the grenade is obviously not spinning. These grenades have a kill radius of 16 ft (5 m) and a casualty radius of 427 ft (130 m) which puts both Jesse and Manta in harm's way.
  • Atlan claims she is the Queen of Atlantis, but if there is a King, and she is not married to him, and he is her father, then she is a princess, and would not be Queen until the king passed away and she inherited the throne.
  • When Orm and Nereus meet we see a stationary line of seahorses facing a stationary line of sharks. Sharks can only breath by moving to keep water flowing through their gills, so sitting still as shown would result in their suffocating. (Then again, this *is* a movie about entire tribes of humans who can breath and hold conversations in deep ocean water without an apparatus.)
  • Arthur hadn't known that the movie Pinocchio (1940) was based on a book. This is inconsistent with his extensive amount of esoteric book-learning, which is demonstrated several times in the film.
  • When Queen Atlanna has her first view of the surface world, she acts like the cliche "ignorant savage," stabbing a television as if it's a foul demon. But we soon learn that she's from a world which is far advanced beyond anything we've ever known. A 1980s-level television should be as primitive and unremarkable to her as Thomas A. Edison's original phonograph is to us.
  • In the trench Mera creates a pocket. At depth there is no air to fill the pocket so she and Arthur should have been in a vacuum.
  • When Arthur is on boat, recovering from wounds. After he has the shirt on,there is a hanger mark on the right shoulder that "pokes up", costumer should have pressed it out b4 he wearing it. It disappears as camera angle changes from front to back.
  • Around the 23 minute mark when Tom & Arthur are drinking beer at the bar, their second beers arrive as the story about the submarine comes on the TV. Arthur is rotating his glass to better access the handle in the wide shot of them both but when the shot changes to the TV with Arthur on the right of frame, he already has the glass in his hand. Next shot, he's back to still turning the glass around.
  • When Orm is explaining his plan to Arthur in the lava ring, there's a fly crawling down his neck that then swoops up to the corner of his mouth.


  • The Sahara Desert has been a desert for 2-7 million years. Rome was founded in 753 BC. There is no way a message from "before the Sahara was a desert" could refer to a statue of Romulus erected in Sicily, which itself was not under Roman control until 241 BC.
  • When the battle takes place in Sicily, then soldiers are all wearing gear that contains water to sustain them. There is every reason to believe that they are biologically equivalent to Arthur, Mera, Atlanta and Orm, all of whom appeared above water at one time or another without the aid of a water suit. So why did the soldiers need it?
  • When Arthur meets his long lost mother, she says to him you're a hero. She has been alone at the core of the Earth since Arthur was a child. How would she know anything about his heroic exploits?
  • Near the end, when Arthur fights Orm for throne and pushes him against the propeller, Orm's cape gets ripped off you can also hear the sound effect, but when Arthur throws him it's back on again, and finally the cape is gone when Orm gets up.
  • When Mera leaves the gladiator arena, she quick-changes from party dress to active wear. Yet when she rushes to Arthur's rescue she is still wearing her bracelet, which she would have had to remove in order to take off the party dress. It makes no sense for her to re-don the bracelet when time was a-wasting.
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