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  • This will be the third film in the Annabelle franchise, which has been going since 2014, and the sixth film in The Conjuring franchise, which has been going since 2013. It will be a sequel to the first Annabelle, and not to the prequel, Annabelle: Creation.
  • James Wan stated that the movie will pick up directly after Ed and Lorraine Warren took the Annabelle doll, in the first Annabelle movie. Therefore the movie will take place in the Warren house, along with all the other artifacts.
  • McKenna Grace replaces Sterling Jerins as Judy Warren. Jerins played Judy in the first two Conjuring films.
  • Third movie in the Annabelle film series and seventh in The Conjuring Universe.
  • The real Annabelle is at the Warrens' Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, kept in a glass case with warning signs. Unlike the doll in the film, it is a Raggedy Ann doll.
  • This marks the first time the Warrens are featured in a film without The Conjuring title.
  • This movie is both a sequel and prequel set between the opening and main plot of the first Conjuring film - an extremely rare occurrence in any genre of film.
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