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Quotes from Annabelle Comes Home

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    • Ed Warren: Did it work?
    • Lorraine Warren: The evil is contained.
    • Lorraine Warren: There is a lot of evil in this room. But you know what I actually like about it? All the evil in here reminds me of all the good that's out there.
    • Judy Warren: Bob's got balls!
    • Judy Warren: What else did you touch?
    • Daniela Rios: ...Everything.
    • Cop: Are you a doctor or something?
    • Ed Warren: Or something.
    • Cop: Nice doll!
    • Ed Warren: That's what you think.
    • Lorraine Warren: It's the doll, Ed. It's a beacon for other spirits.
    • [on the telephone]
    • Mary Ellen: Mrs. Warren?
    • Judy Warren: Mom?
    • Lorraine Warren: Is everything okay?
    • Mary Ellen: Something is happening inside your house, and we're not really sure what to do.
    • Lorraine Warren: Can I speak to Annabelle?
    • Mary Ellen: I'm sorry?
    • Lorraine Warren: You need to give her a soul, dear.
    • [in demonic voice]
    • Lorraine Warren: SHE WANTS A SOUL!
    • [after Ed was almost hit by a truck]
    • Lorraine Warren: EDDDDD!
    • Judy Warren: I sometimes see things, like how my mom sees things.
    • Mary Ellen: You mean, like ghosts?
    • Judy Warren: Yes.
    • Mary Ellen: Where do you see them?
    • Judy Warren: Everywhere I go.
    • Mary Ellen: Well, ghosts used to be people. And not all people are bad. So maybe not all ghosts are bad...?
    • Mrs. Faley: There's been an accident
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