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  • The Crooked Man music box from Conjuring 2 is seen in the Warren's museum. This movie take place before the events of Conjuring 2.
  • Annabelle Comes Home takes place in 1968 (the Warrens remove her from the nurses' house after interviewing them), yet we see Rory's music box from The Conjuring present in the artifact room, despite The Conjuring taking place 3 years later.
  • A typo in the credits lists the MPAA certificate for the film as certificate #52101. This is incorrect as the correct certification for the film is certificate #52191. The actual movie with the MPAA certificate #52101 is Rob Zombie's upcoming movie 3 from Hell.
  • Judy and Mary Ellen do not seem to be aware that the backdoor is unlocked after Daniela sneaks into the house through it and leave it unlocked for the remainder of the film, allowing Daniela and Bob to enter the house later in the film without the protagonists realizing.
  • Daniela stopped knocking on the front door as soon as Mary Ellen and Judy realized that there was someone at the door. After Mary Ellen opens the front door to see nobody there, Daniela appears, claiming to have been knocking on the front door for 10 minutes and that she entered the house through the back door, meaning that Daniela must have ran incredibly quickly from the front to the back door in the time she supposedly stopped knocking to when Mary Ellen checks the front door.
  • When Mrs Faley walks up to Bob at the supermarket, she stands in front of the counter to tell him that there's been an accident. But in the next shot Mrs Faley is standing in front of the door/entrance of the supermarket, in a completely different position to where she was standing in the previous shot.
  • Badfinger's "Day After Day" is on side two of the "Straight Up" album, so the label should show a cut/halved apple. The record on the turntable shows a green, whole apple, indicating that side one is playing.
  • The babysitter left her eggs at the store for the cake, and her best friend took them on her behalf. Later when at the house, we see they raise chickens, and don't need store-bought eggs for a single cake.
  • When Ed gets out of the car to check the engine after it dies in front of the cemetery, the headlights are off. When he is pushed by the spirit and falls down, the headlights are suddenly on.
  • The Warrens shouldn't have even needed to hire Mary Ellen as a babysitter for Judy. They could have left her in the responsibility of Georgiana, Lorraine's mother, who was established in The Conjuring (2013) to be their live-in nanny for their daughter.
  • When playing Feeley Meeley, Mary Ellen takes out a red piece and puts it on top of the board game. In the next shot, we see it is a green piece.
  • When Daniela opens the glass case containing Annabelle, she leave the keys in the lock. When the smoke alarm goes off, she closes the case, but the keys are no longer in the lock.
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