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    • Anna: I work for the KGB, baby.
    • [pointing a gun in someone's face]
    • Vassiliev: There is only one way to leave the KGB. Do you want to know what it is ?
    • [entering Miller's room]
    • Anna: We're probably never going to get that dinner are we ?
    • Lenny Miller: Probably not.
    • [undressing]
    • Anna: Then we'd better f**k instead
    • [after beating up a model photographer ]
    • Anna: It's a wrap.
    • [climbing into bed with her soon-to-be lover]
    • Anna: It's only for tonight.
    • [last lines]
    • [while playing chess]
    • Vassiliev: Check
    • [shoots him point blank]
    • Anna: Mate
    • [to a potential target as Anna saws his finger off]
    • Lenny Miller: Take a deep breath sir
    • Piotr: If it wasn't for me you'd be on the streets turning tricks for meals
    • Alex Tchenkov: In six months what you have on us will be obsolete
    • Anna: I have never had a day of freedom, six months will be an eternity.
    • Olga: Trouble never sends a warning.
    • Olga: Adversity is a great teacher.
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