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  • Adapted from Christine Angot's eponymous novel, the film is co-written by Catherine Corsini and Laurette Polmanss.
  • Filming takes place in spring 2017, in Châteauroux, Champagne-Ardenne, Nice, Imperia and Paris.
  • Director Catherine Corsini took a look at Christine Angot's novel on the advice of her producer Elisabeth Perez. If the work touched her, she feared that it was unadaptable.
  • Catherine Corsini signed the adaptation of the novel in duet with Laurette Polmanss. Together, they defined three big segments: the love story between Rachel and Philippe, the loneliness of Rachel raising her daughter and the revelation of incest.
  • Christine Angot was able to consult the script and comment on it with Catherine Corsini and Laurette Polmanss.
  • Catherine Corsini confesses that she did not have an actress in mind for the role of Rachel at the time of writing the film, let alone Virginie Efira she had never seen play.
  • When proposing Rachel's role to Virginie Efira, Catherine Corsini was still unaware of whether she would call on a second actress to play the older character.
  • The director feared that Niels Schneider was too young to be Philippe (10 years apart from Virginie Efira). But the Franco-Canadian actor wanted to do some tests.
  • The role of Chantal is played at different ages by 4 actresses. Estelle Lescure, who plays teenage Chantal, is the daughter of Catherine Corsini's friends whom she had lost sight of for several years.
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