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  • At the beginning sequence, after he left the car with the sheep, David has dirt on his jacket. At the next scene, only a few seconds later, the dirt has gone.
  • The couple in the street are the first to be attacked by the werewolf in London. As they walk in the street past the houses, a large studio light is reflected in the windows.
  • When Doctor Hirsch is reading the newspaper about the murders, the first paragraphs of the news story relate to the murders, but the following paragraphs (in smaller font) relate to a completely different story (demonstrations by the New National Front).
  • When the werewolf is seen approaching the escalator in the Tottenham Court Road underground station, a foot of one of the crew pushing the werewolf along is clearly visible at the end of the shot.
  • In the opening scenes, David and Jack reveal they are in northern England, and all the locals speak with Yorkshire accents. Yet the terrain is far too mountainous for Yorkshire (the scenes were filmed in Wales).
  • When David and Alex are checking out of the market, the close-up of the cashier shows her pressing the register buttons with her left hand. On the long shot, she is using her right.
  • When Dr. Hirsch speaks on the intercom during his meeting with Scotland Yard, he initially presses the button with his right hand but in the next shot he is using his left hand.
  • Amount of Guinness in Dr. Hirsch's cup at the pub.
  • The orderly explains that David is being served toast and jam. However in subsequent shots, it is obvious there's no jam on any of the toast.
  • In the Slaughtered Lamb when David and Jack order tea, the conversation resumes around the room. The noise sounds like thirty people speaking but in two shots we can't see any mouths moving.
  • It would seem extreme to take a badly injured patient all the way from Yorkshire to London - a journey of some 200 miles - when St James' Hospital in Leeds would be a lot closer. That is, unless the parents requested their son be taken to a hospital in London, due to ignorance of UK geography or assuming a hospital in the capital would provide the best treatment. Either that, or the locals felt it would be much safer to get David as far away from them as possible.
  • When David and Jack are walking on the moors, their shadows are always in front of them, despite them having changed direction numerous times. Additionally, with the moon always being behind them, how are their faces being lit?
  • In the final scene an RT bus is shown as being in service in Piccadilly Circus. In fact, the last RTs were withdrawn from service in London in 1979.
  • Repeated mentions of werewolf attacks during a full moon are ignored when David undergoes his transformation on two consecutive nights. There is only one full moon during a lunar cycle. If the moon is full on a Saturday night, for example, it cannot be truly full on the next night, Sunday.
  • When we see Jack in his final state of undead in the porno theatre with the rest of the people he killed, when talking to David he uses a lot of words used that are formed with the lips such as 'schmuck'. However, Jack is virtually skeletal and has no lips to form the words.
  • After his initial transformation, how does werewolf David get out of the apartment? He can't work the door and given the cold weather he's unlikely to have a window open. David had both the door to the flat and the door to the living room open sometime before he transformed and never closed them.
  • At the beginning, Jack and David walk from a rural intersection to East Proctor. When they get to town, the bar is the first building on their left. Later, when Dr. Hirsch goes to East Proctor, he passes by the same intersection, but he enters town from a different direction, with the bar almost directly in front of him. The road on which Jack and David walked into town is visible in the background as Dr. Hirsch walks from his car to the bar.
  • When David turns into a werewolf for the first time and starts killing people, his fangs and mouth are covered in blood. Later, when he wakes up in the zoo, he doesn't have any blood on his lips and he certainly should have tasted blood in his mouth.
  • In the pub scene the level of the beer in the glasses change.
  • During David's first transformation, he shockingly watches as his right hand transforms, he raises his left hand and clenches his fist and it has not begun to transform. He falls to his knees and his left hand has transformed. Cut to his feet they are both changing simultaneously.


  • During the Piccadilly Circus massacre, a side shot of the werewolf reveals part of its puppetry mechanism (a slightly large metal rod jutting out from its stomach). A foot from one of the puppeteers is also visible.
  • In Piccadilly Circus, when the red car crashes into the orange car, the passenger is already through the windshield before the impact.
  • When Inspector Villiers gets his head bitten off by the werewolf, the werewolf's rubber teeth bend in the biting action.
  • The villagers probably considered shooting David to sever the wolf's bloodline and end the curse; however, it would have been very difficult for them to explain to the police why they'd killed the victim of the attack as well as the assailant.
  • During the transformation, the lights in Alex' flat are turned on. However, two subsequent shots showing the back of the werewolf and a telephone indicate all the lights are obviously turned off.
  • During the Piccadilly Circus car crashing sequences, a fawn colored car skids and sandwiches a policeman between itself and a red car. The safety barrier for the policeman (stuntman) can be seen before impact.
  • When David is watching TV before his transformation, he sees a contemporary advertisement for The News Of The World, which is trumpeted as being available "tomorrow". The News Of The World only appeared on Sunday, yet when Dr. Hirsch buys a newspaper the next day, after the night of mayhem, it is clearly a weekday edition.
  • When Gerald Bringsley is running from the werewolf and trips on the escalator on the long shot down the escalator where it shows the wolf come in there's a clock above the escalator. Though the scene is supposed to be set at night the clock shows the time as being 13:01.
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