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  • Radio Comms: Several times during Radio comms when trying to organise the extraction at the start of the film instead of using a proper Callsign the British Special Forces are simply assigned the call sign "22 SAS". This would NEVER happen in reality, nor would it be broadcast over Radio Comms as it would give away the fact the world's Elite Special Forces Unit (22nd Special Air Service Regiment) are operating in the area. Call Signs are never assigned in this manner naming a unit specifically. Airing a Special Forces Unit name over comms in such a manner would be horrendous trade craft. Certainly not something one would expect from a Navy SEAL team.
  • The village could impossibly be on the bottom of a lake. The lake covering the village was created because the dam burst during WW2. Lakes are not created by dams that burst but by dams that are built. In reality the village would have been flooded and destroyed, but nothing more. The water would not have stayed on a high level because nothing was standing in its way.
  • In a scene in the serbian bar where Lara works the song "bojna cavoglave" can be heard. It is a croatian, extremly nationalistic song ( starting with "za dom spremni" ,the ww2 nazi/ustasha salute ). The story takes place in the srpska republika during the Bosnian war. It is impossible that song would have been played in that place during that time.
  • If a dam is destroyed, the rush of water from the reservoir above it will destroy and wash away almost everything below it, but the level of the water below will drain back down to where it was before the dam was destroyed, which will be approximately the same as it was before the dam was built. A town below the dam won't still be submerged in a lake years later.
  • There were never any NATO ground forces deployed in the Bosnian conflict, negating the premise of this film entirely..
  • When the Helicopter is attacked by the MIG-21 fighter jet, it avoids the missiles by just outmaneuvering them as if they are rockets fired in a straight trajectory. This is highly unlikely as the jet would fire either heat-seeking missiles or radar guided missiles which are highly maneuverable.
  • One of the divers is shown casually carrying 2 bars of gold in his right hand while swimming in a full suit of scuba gear. It's been mentioned previously that the bars weigh 27 lbs ea. There's no way someone can casually carry 54 lbs around in the grip of one hand.
  • When J.K. Simmons' character addresses Ewen Bremner's character he calls him lieutenant, but Bremner is wearing captain's bars. Ewen is a naval aviator, thus his correct rank insignia (lieutenant) are two double bars. However, they would not be metallic but cloth and worn on the shoulders of his flight suit.
  • When the seal team welds open a door at the beginning of the movie, the door shown from the outside has a ledge and a tumbler lock. When shown from the inside while being opened, the door has no ledge and a fixture for a pad lock.
  • The helicopter shown can't lift 27 tons. Actually no currently built helicopter can lift 27 tons.
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