American Hangman

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American Hangman is a thriller built around a relentlessly ticking clock and a rapidly approaching deadline and verdict. A kidnapping, broadcast live on social media, turns into the trial of a judge who presided over a botched criminal case. This time, however, the audience gets to play judge and jury, deciding if the judge himself gets to live or die.


  • Donald Sutherland
  • Vincent Kartheiser
  • Oliver Dennis
  • Paul Braunstein
  • Paul Amato
  • Matt Baram
  • Dan Beirne
  • Joanne Boland
  • Jamie Jacqueline Burns
  • Alexander Crowther

Did You Know?


  • During the discussion between Lieutenant Roy and Detective Steptoe, when the camera switches to Roy, the Clan MacPherson coat of arms can be seen to the upper right. The motto is Touch Not the Cat Bot the Glove, and refers to the clan's reputation as not to be trifled with. In keeping with the story line of poor policing convicting the wrong man for the crime, it foreshadows what may come.
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  • At around min 75 the online votes are displayed. The total percentage is not 100 but 110% (43% and 67%).
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Jan 27, 2019

American Hangman makes a mystery out of a few things that are too easy to guess, so it takes a while to get going. However, thanks to sharp direction, an original take on the dramatic police procedural, and a truly excellent, very game cast, the movie is a worthwhile 100-minute watch.

Metacritic review by Bobby LePire
Bobby LePire
Film Threat
Jan 8, 2019

American Hangman belongs to that species of grade-Z movie that’s at once grisly and pretentious. It’s trash with a lot on its mind.

Metacritic review by Owen Gleiberman
Owen Gleiberman
Jan 3, 2019

A chin-scratching B picture that fares best when it sticks with stars Donald Sutherland and Vincent Kartheiser, it gets less convincing the farther it strays from the two-hander at its core.

Metacritic review by John DeFore
John DeFore
The Hollywood Reporter