All About Eve

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Jealousy, manipulation, and betrayal unfold in this tour de force drama of an ambitious wannabe who sets her sights on stealing the spotlight from legendary stage actress Margo Channing. Insecurities and designer gowns abound as Margo desperately tries to hold onto her friends and career.


  • Bette Davis
  • Anne Baxter
  • George Sanders
  • Celeste Holm
  • Gary Merrill
  • Hugh Marlowe
  • Gregory Ratoff
  • Barbara Bates
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Thelma Ritter

Did You Know?


  • Holds the record for the most female acting Oscar nominations in a single film with four: Anne Baxter and Bette Davis' for Best Actress and Celeste Holm and Thelma Ritter for Best Supporting Actress.
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  • While Phoebe is looking at herself in the mirror during the final scene, a crew member sitting on a crane is visible for a few seconds at the top of the shot.
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    • Eve: If there's nothing else, there's applause. I've listened backstage to people applaud. It's like - like waves of love coming over the footlights and wrapping you up. Imagine, to know every night that different hundreds of people love you. They smile, their eyes shine, you've pleased them. They want you. You belong. Just that alone is worth anything.
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The movie's strength and weakness is Anne Baxter, whose Eve lacks the presence to be a plausible rival to Margo, but is convincing as the scheming fan. When Eve understudies for Margo and gets great reviews, Mankiewicz wisely never shows us her performance; better to imagine it, and focus on the girl whose look is a little too intense, whose eyes a little too focused, whose modesty is somehow suspect.

Metacritic review by Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times

All About Eve possesses one of the best screenplays ever to grace the silver screen. It also has one of the best performances by an actress in the history of Hollywood features.

Metacritic review by James Berardinelli
James Berardinelli

The stinging bon mots occasionally sound handcrafted rather than raspingly spontaneous, but aspiring actress Anne Baxter’s rise to the top over the corpse of her supposed idol, Bette Davis, remains rousing and endlessly amusing.

Metacritic review by David Parkinson
David Parkinson