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  • When Jafar convinces the Sultan to invade a neighboring country in front of Jasmine, a warrior armor is displayed. However, seconds after she leaves his study room, it disappears.
  • When we first meet Jasmine's handmaiden Dalia, the out of focus distant mountains and sea beyond the balcony are slowly panning right to left, however, the foreground is a still shot and there is no scanning or "camera" movement.
  • When Dalia helps Jasmine take off her jewelry, Dalia is seen taking off Jasmine's necklace and Jasmine still has her earrings on. As soon as Jasmine turns around to face Dalia, her earrings are missing.
  • Iago is a red macaw, native of the Americas. It is quite difficult for that bird to have migrated to the Middle East during the Middle Ages.
  • In "A Whole New World" the long shots looking down at Aladdin from a distance show him holding the Magic Carpet's tassels to steer, but in the closeups his hands are at his sides or on the carpet in front of him, with the tassels blowing in the wind.
  • During the opening scene we see a large ship, then a smaller boat. One of the children on the smaller boat mentions the large ship after it has passed them, meaning they would not have seen it approaching or passing, even though it casts a shadow over them.
  • Aladdin's hairstyle changes throughout. As a street rat his hair is mid-length but when he becomes a prince it's shorter. After the spell, his hair is still short when it should have returned to mid-length.
  • Will Smith as a poor mariner wears too luxurious clothes.
  • Both Jasmine and Jafar have bound books in their libraries. A Muslim kingdom of that time would have scrolls, as binding was reserved for holy scriptures, such as the Kuran. Book binding wasn't common in the Middle East until after the XIII century.
  • Immediately following the "A Whole New World" sequence, once Jasmine figures out that she met Aladdin before, Aladdin says "You saw us arrive with dancers, an elephant and a magic carpet..." However, Jasmine did not know about the magic carpet until Aladdin came to her room that night. She could not have seen it earlier.
  • Aladdin is warned not to touch the forbidden treasure. However Abu accidentally touches some of the jewels and nothing happens but the cave caves in after Abu touched a ruby. It could be possible though Abu did not intend to touch the jewelries but did it on purpose with the ruby.
  • When Prince Ali's entourage sings the first line of "Make way for Prince Ali!" the green turban marchers suddenly have no flag staffs, and are marching with their arms swinging, then in the next scene are carrying their staffs again.
  • Aladdin was scolded by Jasmine for lying on being a prince however Jasmine had no room to talk as she lied to Aladdin she was someone she was not namely Dailia her hand maiden.
  • Jasmine has a tiger named Rajah as a pet. In reality tigers are to dangerous to be domesticated and it would had really been Rajah's nature to attack Jasmine.
  • The dress Jasmine wears when she first meets Prince Anders would not worn be in the Middle East but in countries in Central Asia such as India and Pakistan. Likewise Genie's appearance looks like a god in Hindu.


  • Jafar's second and third wishes clearly violate Genie's wishing for more wishes.
  • In the Genie song presentation at 43:55, there is a cowboy sequence which wouldn't be possible in the world until several centuries before the time the movie is set on. Basically, the corrected the anachronistic animals of the animated original movie and introduced an anachronistic characters instead.
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