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Quotes from Abominable

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    • Peng: I'm hit! Tell Nai Nai's pork buns I loved them!
    • Jin: I have blueberries in places where blueberries shouldn't be.
    • Yak Leader: Your yak is funny looking.
    • Peng: Hey, don't go body-shaming my yak!
    • [about Everest]
    • Goon Leader: What do those powers mean for us?
    • Dr. Zara: That yeti's price tag just doubled.
    • [after capturing Everest and the kids]
    • Dr. Zara: I'll make sure the yeti's out.
    • [approaches him with a cattle prod]
    • Dr. Zara: You're never going to escape again.
    • [Yi breaks free from the goon holding her and grabs the prod]
    • Yi: Stop it!
    • [she and Zara struggle against each other, until Zara backs Yi toward the edge of the bridge and shoves her over the edge]
    • [hands the prod to the goon leader; to him]
    • Dr. Zara: Well, that's one down.
    • Burnish: A boy that knows his gerbils. I like him.
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