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Twelve-year-old Abe is an aspiring chef, but his family half-Israeli, half-Palestinian have never had a meal together without a fight. But when Abe ditches his traditional summer camp to spend time with radical street chef Chico, his mentor's fusion cuisine inspires him to unite his family through food. Abe decides to cook a meal that will bring everyone to the table, but he's about to learn that the kitchen can't heal some age-old divides.


  • Noah Schnapp
  • Seu Jorge
  • Dagmara Dominczyk
  • Arian Moayed
  • Mark Margolis
  • Tom Mardirosian
  • Salem Murphy
  • Daniel Oreskes
  • Gero Camilo
  • Victor Mendes

Atom User Reviews

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Apr 16, 2020

Andrade serves up an enticing dramedy that wholeheartedly celebrates the potential for multicultural cuisine to unite people from distinctly different traditions, even in the face of determined opposition.

Metacritic review by Justin Lowe
Justin Lowe
The Hollywood Reporter
Apr 16, 2020

This film felt more like an “afterschool special.” What I mean by that is that this movie felt very “safe.

Metacritic review by Dante James
Dante James
Film Threat
Apr 16, 2020

The blend of coming-of-age and coming-together in director Fernando Grostein Andrade’s film is a poignant one, regardless. The lessons Abe learns about life through Chico and his inventive cooking are made all the more beautiful by how tasty and colorful the food looks. And with Schnapp’s work in the title role, I found myself believing that a 12-year-old Brooklyn boy just might be able to solve the world’s thorniest conflict with an appetizer.

Metacritic review by Johnny Oleksinski
Johnny Oleksinski
New York Post