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Goofs from A Star Is Born (1976)

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  • In the swimming pool scene after the motorcycle accident at the stadium concert, John N Howard has Ace bandages on his foot and right hand. Yet, he is shown using the right hand to use a pair of crutches (would be too painful with a wrist sprain). He is also shown swimming, which is also painful to sprained joints. He is not shown wincing at all while swimming. He also puts weight on his right hand as he is getting out of the pool, pushing up on his fingertips on a straightened wrist. This would not be possible without severe pain, if the wrist is in fact damaged enough to require an Ace bandage.
  • After John Norman crashes his motorcycle, and Esther runs to him, there are dirty hand prints on the back of her blouse before John Norman pulls her down in the dirt and puts his hands on her back.
  • As John is driving from the ranch house, ostensibly to the airport to pick up Brian, the music from his 8-track player begins before the tape is fully inserted.
  • During the first breakfast of John and Esther, the layout of hands and dishes changes several times between shots.
  • Before performing at the charity concert John detaches a label from Esther's jacket twice.
  • After the fight in the mud, when John decides to shave his beard, the dirt on Esther's clothes changes.
  • The very last line of the song Esther sings during the big climax performance, "Are you watching me now," is sung with the microphone away from her mouth, revealing it to be lip-synced. Esther does however mouth the word "now" even though the microphone is still not anywhere near her mouth.
  • The cap on the wine bottle changes (on and off) many times during the first breakfast scene.
  • At the outdoor concert. When John Howard first sings there are no socks on the microphones. Then there are. Then when he goes over to Esther again there is no sock on the microphone.
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