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  • On The Big Picture Podcast, John Krasinski stated that he originally did not want to be involved in this sequel, but the producer convinced him to come over and pitch his ideas to the studio. After three weeks, they asked him to write the story, with the idea that directorial duties would be handed over to other filmmakers. Krasinski finally offered to come back as director, jokingly suggesting that he was "Jedi mind tricked into signing on to the sequel".
  • Brian Tyree Henry was originally cast but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Djimon Hounsou replaced him while the movie was already into production.
  • Cillian Murphy's second post apocalyptic horror project since 28 Days Later (2002).
  • Screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods decided not to return to write the sequel, in favor of focusing on several new projects.
  • Emily Blunt admitted that she was initially hesitant to join the project as she didn't feel like she could top the first movie. However, she was on board after she heard John Krasinski 's pitch of the first bus scene. She also admitted that the first take of that scene is in the movie as she was also terrified in real life by the stunt, which had the bus coming at her at 40 miles per hour.
  • The film's premiere happened on March 8, 2020 in New York City. World wide release dates have been postponed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).
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