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Quotes from A Dog's Journey

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    • Bailey: On days like this, I feel like the luckiest dog in the world. I got the sun on my back, I got the wind in my face I get to ride in this car where the windows are always rolled down.
    • Bailey: I had a lot of lives, all different. Sometimes I was big, and sometimes, I was small.
    • CJ: What're you doing here?
    • [Bailey, as Molly, bites Shane on the leg]
    • Shane: AAH! It bit me!
    • Bailey: Go away. CJ doesn't like you.
    • Bailey: I don't like you either.
    • Shane: You don't answer my calls.
    • CJ: Yeah, because I don't wanna talk to you, Shane.
    • [tries to walk away from Shane]
    • Shane: Come on, CJ. You're not still mad about the party? Don't walk away from me.
    • [roughly grabs CJ]
    • CJ: Whoa, get off! Shane!
    • Shane: I thought you were cooler than this.
    • CJ: Shane!
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