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  • In the "I Before E Except after C" song, two displayed words are misspelled: FINANCEIR, which should be FINANCIER, and LEIZURE which should be LEISURE.
  • Lucy gives Snoopy Charlie Brown's red kite and he flies it. Cut to a long shot, where the kite Snoopy is holding is yellow.
  • The National Spelling Bee is held in Washington DC, not New York.
  • Linus and Snoopy are entering the theater where the Spelling Bee is held from the interior of the building. When Linus tells the usher he's a friend of one of the contestants, they are shown going inside from the exterior.
  • The amount of food in Snoopy's dish changes between the kitchen and his doghouse.
  • Charlie Brown is seen setting off for the spelling bee with a suitcase and a duffel bag. Upon arrival, he only has the suitcase. Upon return, the duffel bag reappears, but when he gets home, it's only the suitcase again.
  • When the other boy is asked to spell "leisure", he says the letter "f" instead of "s" while spelling the word. Because he spelled the world incorrectly before Charlie Brown was asked to spell "beagle", he should have lost the spelling bee and Charlie Brown should have been the winner.
  • (at around 48 mins) When Charlie Brown checks into the hotel, he unpacks his bag and throws a green shirt into the drawer, yet he always wears the same yellow and black shirt.
  • The baseball game Charlie Brown's team was playing should've been called long before it was over due to mercy rules.
  • The scenery when Snoopy brings his record player out to the field play The Star Spangled Banner is different to when he takes it back.
  • The Star Spangled Banner is shortened by a verse.
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