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  • The shark cage and crane were built on a farm in Kent.
  • Mandy Moore and Claire Holt learned how to scuba dive for this movie.
  • The film was retitled to "In the Deep" in Spring 2016 and given a VOD/DVD release date of August 2nd through Anchor Bay Entertainment and the Weinstein Co. However, one week before the planned release, the film was bought by Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios, retitled back to "47 Meters Down" and given a wide-release theatrical plan for summer 2017 through Freestyle Releasing.
  • 47 meters is 154.2 feet.
  • To replicate the organisms found underwater, finely chopped broccoli was added to the tank. Mandy Moore said it was quite unpleasant after a few weeks. She even compared it to filming inside a soup.
  • James Van Der Beek was cast as Lisa's boyfriend Stuart, and filmed several scenes with Mandy Moore. However, all of those scenes were cut. The final version of the film only references Stuart.
  • At the depth the characters are, experts suggest there would be less than 15 minutes of air for them.
  • Claire Holt (Kate) and Yani Gellman (Louis) have both appeared in Pretty Little Liars (2010). Holt played Samara and Gellman played Garrett.
  • Some copies of the movie were accidentally released under the original title of 'In the Deep' in August 2016, right at the same time the film was bought by a new company and scheduled for theatrical distribution in summer 2017. Some stores were not notified in time, and the DVD ended up for sale for about a day before being recalled. They are now considered collectors items and go for $50 or more. No blu was released in that title, only the DVD (although the bluray is now available in the theatrical name of 47 meters down)
  • Both Claire Holt and Chris Johnson starred in The Vampire Diaries (2009), Claire as Rebekah Mikaelson and Chris as Logan Fell.
  • Both Claire Holt and Mandy Moore have starred in shows with the character name Rebecca/Rebekah, Claire as Rebekah in The Originals (2013) and Mandy as Rebecca in This Is Us (2016).
  • On "Post Mortem with Mick Garris," director Johannes Roberts said the filming the underwater scenes generally started at 8 AM, where he would prep the actors on what to do for the scene, then they would set up and shoot until 1 PM, when they would wrap for the day.
  • Outpost handled the CG sharks. Reference was their starting point, but an initial challenge also included inserting the digital assets into water tank footage.
  • "The water had a specific murky look with lots of small particles floating about and some volume rays coming from the surface, and it was challenging to set a CG shark within this environment," outlines Outpost Senior Visual Effects Supervisor Marcin Kolendo. "Our 3D department did a great job of creating a realistic shark asset. Every day I saw tons of reference footage on their screens, ranging from the Blue Planet-type of professional documentaries to lots of amateur footage, especially cage-diving among sharks."
  • As ILP had done for Kon-Tiki and The Shallows, Outpost also had to craft believable water simulations for their shark scenes as the creatures pierced the surface. The studio also spent a significant amount of time establishing the right look of shark skin, especially when the sharks would surface above the water. "Glistening in the sun, wet, yet rubbery and strong; there is always a lot you can do in comp, but when the CG skin shaders are wrong it will never look good on the screen, regardless of the amount of work from the 2D department," says Kolendo.
  • Like many shark movies, 47 Meters Down portrays its sharks in a slightly exaggerated way, i.e. with more aggression. But Outpost worked with the director to retain as much of the 'classic' aspects of shark behavior as possible while still creating the feeling of terror and panic for a horror film. Says Kolendo: "We looked at how the jaws behave when a shark attacks, what the gills are doing when it turns in anger, how fast is the tail moving to propel the massive body, and then we added that extra few percent to exaggerate the action, creating a shark that is not only believable, but also terrifying."
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