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Goofs from 47 Meters Down: Uncaged

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  • The brochure the family is holding at the beginning (The Great White Dive Company) has the word "there" printed on it when it should read "their".
  • The characters don't wear any earbuds with their masks. They couldn't not hear each other underwater because of that.
  • In one scene dust breaks their radio transmission. That it is not possible.
  • All characters underwater somehow are in the same radio channel, yet they cannot hear each other until they get face to face.
  • Near the 22.00 mark, you can see a gap in the decor, at the bottom, which shows that they are in a pool and there's a cable on the ground. You can clearly see the cable and the reflection of light and water.
  • In one scene towards the end of the film, the girls are at the underwater window of the boat; however, in the next shot, they're at least 15ft away and swimming towards it.
  • As the girls are trying to reach the exit cavern they are fighting a massive current to reach it. The water is surging so fast they have to crawl slowly through it while debris is moving sideways rapidly, but all the time their exhale bubbles are rising calmly straight up in the water.
  • When Mia goes underwater to scout after hearing music, she isn't wearing her mask, therefore she wouldn't have been able to see clearly.
  • When Mia and Sasha talk about Xibalba, the Mayan underworld, Mia explains that the name means "place of fear". in reality, Xibalba translates as "hidden place".
  • When entering the Mayan sunken city, the characters pass through tunnels with straight angles supported by archways. The Mayans did not know how to build archways, so tunnels and corridors are characteristically triangular.
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